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Armenian Genocide or Armenian Holocaust? France says the 1915-1917 Turkish atrocities cannot be denied.

Alcuin Bramerton

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Dec. 23, 2011

On Thursday 22nd December 2011, the lower house of the French Parliament approved a bill criminalising the denial of the Armenian Genocide, and rendering such denial punishable with a year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros ($58,000). As one Member of Parliament said, as he concluded his remarks in the parliamentary debate: “I will vote thinking of Hrant Dink.”


The Frenchman was referring to a contract assassination which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, four years ago. On Friday 19th January 2007, Ogun Samast, a seventeen-year-old Turkish youth, murdered the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink (53) with a shotgun outside his Sisli office.


Between 1915 and 1917, during the final days of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish forces were responsible for the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians. As Christians, the Armenians were viewed as infidels by the tribal Muslim majority. The genocide was an organised campaign of state-sponsored ethnic cleansing and mass extermination.


The current Turkish government is trying to hush up this war crime as it attempts to qualify for entry to The European Union. Genocide denial is a mainline political policy in modern Turkey. Hrant Dink challenged this in Agos, the bilingual Turkish-Armenian weekly newspaper which he edited. In Turkey it is against the law to talk openly about the Armenian Genocide.


In his last newspaper column before his death, Hrant Dink said that he had received numerous death threats against him. He was given no security protection by the Turkish authorities, despite his complaints. Notwithstanding public pronouncements to the contrary, the Turkish Government was privately very pleased to see Hrant Dink dead.


France opposes the entry of Turkey to The European Union. Turkey is not a European country, and its culture and polity are seen as anti-European in nature. More than twenty countries have formally recognised the Turkish Armenian killings of 1915-1917 as genocide.


The Armenian Genocide was part of a programme of subversion within the Ottoman Empire, designed by the Sabbatean Satanists, to destabilise the Middle East and create war-business and political opportunities for a right-wing landgrab which would eventually result in the theft of Palestine by the Zionist Israelis. Had the Ottoman Empire remained in place, there would have been no chance of establishing a Zionist state based on Jerusalem.


The Sabbateans, closely associated with the Rothschild reptilian bloodline, emerged into view through the machinations of Sabbatai Zanth (Sabbatai Zevi 1626–1676) and his cabal in the seventeenth century. Zanth, a Jewish fake, was a self-proclaimed Jewish messiah who, for reasons of personal and operational expediency, converted to Islam while establishing his group in Ottoman Turkey.


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