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Reposted Dec. 14, 2012

The Golden Age has come. I decree it so. - James R.


Saint Germain's past lives included the Prophet Samuel, Plato, Saint Joseph, Merlin, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus, and Francis Bacon.


Saint Germain began his life as Francis Bacon, born on January 22, 1561. His mother Queen Elizabeth I , refused to recognize her marriage to maintain her virgin queen status. As a result, Francis was unable to assume his role as the King of England.


When King James ascended to the throne Francis was given the role of editing the final version of the King James Bible and was King Jame's Lord Chancellor. It was during this time that he wrote the Shakespearean sonnets under the pen name of William Shakespeare. He encouraged King James to sign the Virginia Charter which began colonization to the New World. King James also gave him the task of reforming modern day freemasonry which remained a beacon of light and hope to the world until it was infiltrated by the Luciferian's in the 1790's.


In 1626 , a year after the death of King James, Francis had faked his own death and traveled to Transylvania where he remained until 1684. At the age of 123 he learned the secrets of immortality and conquered death to became the ascended master Saint Germain. He then worked secretly to influence the creation of a new age were humanity would not have to labor in slavery. He set up the World Trust to bankroll a new golden age which is now rumored to be worth $1 quatrodecillion. That's a 1 with 45 zeros.


He backed Napoleon to create a United States of Europe but Napoleon used his power for his own demise. He inspired the founding fathers of the United States to sign the Declaration of Independence. He gave away his inventions of the railroad so mankind could travel more readily, and taught cheaper ways to manufacture clothes so the poor could wear clothes almost as good as the rich.


The next step is the announcement of NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act which will usher a new golden age which will last forever.