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History: The 1887 Alaska Purchase and the US-Russia Bering Strait Rail Tunnel Project

Matthew Ehret-Kump

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Grand Design to Develop Today’s Multi Polar Potential and the Missed Chance of 1867

In a recent paper entitled ‘Tomorrow’s Arctic: Theatre of War or Cooperation?’ I introduced readers to the US-Russian grand design which shaped not only the sale of Alaska in October 1867 to the USA for $7.5 million, but also Russia’s involvement in the American Civil War as Czar Alexander II arranged the deployment of Russian military fleets to San Francisco and New York.

Even though President Lincoln and Czar Alexander II were both known as great reformers and emancipators for their common commitment to free slaves and serfs, both leaders were assassinated before their grand visions could come to fruition.

In this article, I would like to present another chapter of this forgotten history: The creation of modern Canada as a confederation designed explicitly to prevent the ......