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Conspiracy Theories Regarding the 17th Century

Mike McDonald

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Hi Rocky.  Thanks for the reminder piece on 888. On another note I thought you might be interested in something I have noticed. Whenever the controllers (British/vatican) loose political control and financial control at the same time in history there is always a pandemic. There is always a power grab included. When they have control of politics and banking they always war to get what they want. The period of 1664-1666 in London is a great timeframe to see this truth. The British had lost political control (Cromwell) they had lost a very long and costly war with the Dutch. The Bubonic plague shows up first in Holland? Then in London it kills half a million people (all the book keepers). Then the city of London burns to the ground (all the records of debt are gone)? Then in 1666 they gave us the Cest D Que Via Act from the vatican and legislated through the British parliament! Overnight all alive people are declared decedents and forced to use a fictional entity (PERSON) in commerce. Today things are much the same?

If you study the pandemics you will see this pattern.

All for now, Mike McDonald.

Mike Mc Donald<>