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A Warning From History

Eddie Morrison

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A Warning From History

by Eddie Morrison


Since the explosion of the Empires of Europe - Dutch, Portuguese, French, Belgian, Spanish and of course our very own British Empire, history has seen each one go into decline and then disappear into history altogether.

The last to fall - actually GIVEN away by craven liberalistic Establishments, was our own and proud British Empire which by the late 1930's, less than a hundred years ago, coloured the maps of the World, British Red.

An Empire the sun never set on it was so vast and you could travel from Cairo to Cape Town without once leaving British soil.

The builders of this mighty empire, men such as Cecil Rhodes; Raffles; Cook; Clive of India; Drake and Raleigh and so many other noble names it is easy to lose count, would surely weep today if they saw what has replaced our mighty Empire.

Fourth World countries in Africa led by corrupt elevated tribal chieftains,  whose own ancestors not too long ago were cannibals, have dragged British built nation after British built nation back to Fourth World squalor.

Where is Kenya, Rhodesia, the Gold Coast, South Africa, Tanganika, South West Africa today? Transformed into butchering savagery by Black often Communist rulers.

Black rule brought forth monsters such as Idi Amin and Jomo Kenyatta, leader of the voodoo worshipping Mau Mau.

It isn't only Africa. The Indian sub-continent runs on a vast network of a British built train systems without which this dark and full of religious hatred country would fall to pieces.

For two hundred years, Aryan man has been retreating as liberal-marxist betrayal at home as replaced our Empire with a multi-racial monstrosity called the Commonwealth- most of whose non-white citizens seem hell bent in coming to our Island until it is swamped with non-whites.

Where is left for we Aryans to retreat to? If we try to fight the inequities of mass non-white immigration we face the dark power of alien constructed British 'justice' which imposes savage prison sentences against White Nationalist freedom fighters and calls us all racists if we were to claim we are proud to be White, proud to be the last of the Aryans.

Comrades! Our backs are to the wall! An alien tribe now rules our Land and treats we White Britons with savage impunity.

There IS nowhere to retreat to.

Our only solution is to organise and fight this wicked enemy with every bone in our body.

Time has just about run out AND THERE EXISTS NO FEASABLE MOVEMENT with which we can give our hearts and minds too!

Even our so-called British Nationalist 'leaders' have betrayed us.

Some of we veterans though know the solution. Long years of struggle, prison, physical injuries and betrayal by our own Comrades have taught us some hard lessons.


And that means organisation on a massive and ultra-professional scale.

I and others know the answers but we have little resources in the form of monies, facilities, printing presses and the machinery to build a proper White Nationalist Party.

If you are as concerned as I am. If you know it's already eleven minutes past the eleventh hour then please contact me. Let me know your concerns, your problems and your ideas.

WE HAVE A RACE AND NATION TO WIN - and nothing, simply nothing to lose!

Eddy Morrison