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We were all British Subjects At One Time

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4- 9-18

Molon Labe

We were all British Subjects, and therefore it was treasonable act to refuse an order from government - punishable by death.

The more I know, the more I believe that the whole revolution was just that - why Franklin didn't like that term as it implied one revolution - one time around 360 degrees back to where we started.  What is needed today is Insurrection - a counter coup.

    THE main reason for City of London suppression was because the colonies were prospering using Colonial Scrip - debt free and usury free money.

    Tribe in CoL (if you don't know what the real meaning of The Crown/Crown Accounts/City of London/Bank of "England" then you can't understand what I'm writing here,) couldn't allow US to prosper using our own money - this had to be stopped.

    When the suppression / abuses became too severe, we declared our independence and went to war with our lawful government.  We were rebels.

    We formed our own very limited central government - a CONFEDERACY of STATES.

    The CONFEDERACY issued its own sovereign money - The Continental Currency.  MOST of it WAS backed by gold and silver.

    New York City (formerly New Amsterdam) was a bastion of (((torries))) - those loyal to the Crown.  With their aid, British General Howe setup a MASSIVE counterfeiting operation on ships in New York harbor.  The counterfeit Continentals were ADVERTISED in New York papers as indistinguishable from the real Continentals and sold in New York City shops.

    Even though the Continental Congress of the Confederacy only authorized and only ever printed 250 million in Continentals, Howe and (((company))) printed up a BILLION in counterfeit.

    Despite that, the Continentals maintained much of their value, and the upstart INSURRECTIONIST America was kicking the ass of the world's greatest if not only super power of the time.  This could not be allowed!

    Enter the most celebrated faux patriot/founder, the Jew bastard Alexander Hamilton - City of London mole and handler of George Washington.   In league with Robert Morris and others (notably Haym Solomon) via his position as aid de camp to Washington, Hamilton was able to get Robert Morris appointed as the first Czar - the director of finance for the Continental Congress.  Morris insisted on absolute power and his first act was to stop issue of Continental Currency, and start the very first PRIVATE central bank - masquerading as PUBLIC - the ominously named Bank of North America.  With alleged gold allegedly borrowed from "Europe" he started issuing debt based money - bearing usury - to finance the war.

    Once that fait accompli was done, the Continentals destroyed by subterfuge and the world safe for private central banking, the most famous faux patriot/founder, General Washington fought a few skirmishes with the Brits and Hessian mercenaries (hired by Rothschild) and Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.  During the 7 Years or French and Indian Wars, Washington and Cornwallis were both in British Army.  After surrender, British troops were allowed to leave with their weapons, and America had to pay reparations!  Wait for THE CROWN!

    Washington's statue with Free Mason fascist column stands heroically in Trafalgar Square (pretty sure it's in the City of London - its own sovereign nation like the Vatican) with the likes of Admiral Nelson.  Coupled with Apotheosis of Washington portrayed in the dome of the rotunda of the US Capitol and the Egyptian obelisk - the Washington monument - it's clear to me where Washington's loyalties really lay.  The Apotheosis depicts Washington's ascent into heaven with a plethora of pagan, Greek and Roman gods around the fresco.  Jesus Christ no where to be seen, despite the endless claims that US was founded as a "Christian Nation."

    When it was discovered to have "an alarming amount of foreign ownership," the Bank of North America lost its charter in Pennsylvania followed soon by the other two States where it was chartered - forcing the Hamilton tribe to go to plan B - trash talk the Articles of Confederation and call for a "convention to improve" them.  (((They))) HAD to get their central bank back!  The first one to be held in Annapolis failed - very few came.  The second one in the summer of 1787, as J.B. Campbell in his excellent (the first part of it, at any rate) Heroism Required points out, gave us " the US Constitution, which was the engine of our destruction from the very beginning."

More from Campbell's Heroism Required:

We don’t need the 2nd Amendment, which has probably done more harm than good.  We don’t need permission to defend ourselves from people we hire “to work for us.”  We don’t need permission and we don’t need anyone “working for us.”  They can’t help us and have only hurt us.

The Bill of Rights is based on and recognizes the legitimacy of the US Constitution, which was the engine of our destruction from the very beginning.  Obviously, this needs to be repeated, even if it’s like, heresy.  We wouldn’t need the 2nd Amendment if it weren’t for the Constitution.

The Constitution is the cancer that was injected into our bloodstream by the Masonic Federalists in 1787.  It destroyed our immune system immediately.  Our immune system was the Articles of Confederation, because that document did not provide an all-powerful central government.

THE MAIN PURPOSE of Crown Mole traitor Hamilton's CONstitution was to regain a privately held central bank masquerading as public - as government.  One only need look at the first act of the new CONgress under that CONstitution - the First Bank of the United States with banker/lawyer/mole Hamilton at the helm.  Most if not all of those who illegally voted to suspend the convention to "improve the Articles of Confederation," and create a new very powerful central government while all the while pretending to be "federalists" - faux advocates of limited central government - most had been bribed to do so, with the promise from Hamilton and his lackeys that the "worthless" Continentals they held would be redeemed at face value once (((they))) had their new central bank.  All the other powers that the CONstitution stole from the States and their People were GRAVY.  Once (((they))) had their new government with their fake government central bank, and usury bearing debt as fake public money, they had US by the balls.  Only for brief periods in our Nation's history have we been free of this curse.  The so called "FED" is just the most recent and long lived PRIVATELY HELD masquerading as PUBLIC central bank in a series of 4: Bank of North America, First Bank of the US, Second Bank of the US and now Da FED.



Together with the links provided below, pretty much all I have written can be backed up with two books that I highly recommend to you:

Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saussy:

The History Of Central Banking and The Enslavement of Mankind:

In conclusion, WE (US) were screwed from the get go.  We have been lead to believe that we won our independence from England, that we're the greatest and most free Nation on Earth, and that the CONstitution is right up there next to the Bible as a sacred document from God himself.  Until we know what the problem is, we can't fix it.  Returning to the "organic" CONstitution as some call it, would be an improvement of sorts for awhile at least, but it's basically just a "do-over"  - back to square one - a full revolution on the merry go round.  What we need is what the late great Edgar Steele called for, "New America."  Regional Confederacies separated by Free Association of Race and Religion - with no city over 1,000,000 population allowed.  Cities have to be their own States - take care of their own problems and leave the rest of us alone.