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Mae Brussell and Stephanie Caruann

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by Mae Brussell and Stephanie Caruana

Berkeley Barb/APS

    Mae Brussell is a researcher who has spent ten years studying political assassinations and conspiracies in the United States. On July 11, 1972, she wrote the first and so far the only article to give a reasonable explanation for the break-in and arrest at the Watergate -- three weeks after the event. The article, "Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?" as well as a long companion piece, "The Senate Select Committee is Part of the Cover-Up," were published in The Realist. A story about Mae Brussell's first article, which connected Watergate with the Kennedy assassinations, appeared in BSN no. 16, p. 4, under the title, "Does Secret Government Control America?"

    For three years, Brussell's weekly hour-long radio news analysis show, Dialogue Conspiracy, has been broadcast over Station KLRB-FM, in Carmel, California. Tapes of Dialogue Conspiracy are available to other radio stations through KLRB-FM. Brussell is currently working on a complete account of the Patricia Hearst kidnapping conspiracy for The Realist, and a book called Murderville, U.S.A. She also teaches the first accredited university course entitled Conspiracies and Assassinations, at Monterey Peninsula College.

    Stephanie Caruana is a writer whose work has appeared in Playgirl and the Los Angeles Times, and the author of a play, The Rip-Off.

    The following interview was completed in April.

    SC:   Can you please explain what is going on? Who or what is the S.L.A., and why did they kidnap Patricia Hearst?

    MB:   The script from the very beginning was to have the nice rich white princess kidnapped by the mean black prison "escapees;" to drag out the scenario until the whole nation was involved with Patty's fate; and then to sacrifice her. Donald DeFreeze and Thero Wheeler would be the patsies. DeFreeze would be the main patsy: the first black Lee Harvey Oswald. He would wind up dead, or in jail, silenced, like Sirhan Sirhan, Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Arthur Bremmer, and many other patsies. The intelligence agencies behind the plot didn't plan that Patty Hearst, Donald DeFreeze, and Thero Wheeler would survive and tell their story. The whole plot for the paramilitary take-over of the United States might come out in the open if the truth is revealed about this kidnapping.

    On the other hand, if the plan to assassinate Patty Hearst is carried out, the military intelligence agencies will be stuck with something around their necks that could be just as difficult to cover up as the truth about the Kennedy assassination. Evidence of a high-level conspiracy will keep cropping up, again and again, and many more people will be murdered. Since the Watergate story began to emerge, some people have become more sophisticated, and more suspicious. They know they have been lied to by people on the highest level of our government.

    The Hearst kidnapping is a domestic conspiracy. It has to be understood in its historical context.

    The past ten years have seen the murder of a President, a Senator, Congressmen, civil rights leaders, and hundreds of other victims of what I believe are related conspiracies.

    The next ten years will be bloody and fearful for all minorities in the United States. It appears that there will be a concerted effort on the part of the Defense Intelligence Agency to continue the policies of the Nazis they brought into this country following World War II. (See "Does Secret Government Control America" in BSN No. 16, p. 4.) Genocide will be made possible by the same techniques used in Germany.

    Two large airports will be utilized to move large masses of people. In addition to the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport, a new airport is planned in San Diego, next to the Mexican border. These airports have been designed with extra-thick runways, to accommodate giant 747 planes. The planes themselves, which have proved "impractical for civilian use," have just been purchased by the military, and are being remodeled for mass transport. Their engines are turned over every day, at a cost of thousands of dollars, so that they can be pressed into service at a day's notice.

    Two large new prisons, costing over $186 million, are proposed for California. One is located in San Diego, next to the "new airport." The proposed prisons in Vacaville and San Diego will specialize in "mental problems," turning inmates into zombies.

    Twelve and a half million acres of California desert land, stretching from the Mexican border near San Diego to the Sierra Nevada, have been secretly and quickly closed off to all vehicles. "Fear of dune buggies" was the cover story for his act. There should be regular examination of this territory for new fences and structures of any kind.

    A new $105 million hospital, the most expensive in the world, is being planned for Travis Air Force Base in California. It is located on 82 private acres, inaccessible to most persons. This will be a computerized hospital, designed to include a revolutionary "one-room treatment center." Col. Oliver C. Hood admitted that this "one-stop treatment, laboratory, drug dispensing, examining room may be controversial and not universally accepted at this time."

    The point should be very clear. Given enough violence, murders, and kidnappings in the U.S.A., the new hospitals, prisons, and airports will be used for mass genocide. There is nothing going on is our economy to assure housing, jobs, or education for minorities. Congress is purposely impounding funds, cutting off school bussing, and denying legal aid for the poor. President Nixon is moving to reduce welfare funds drastically, at a time when job opportunities for minorities are scarce. All steps towards equal opportunity and racial progress are being halted. These actions are said to be the results of the "energy crisis."

    Preceding the Hearst kidnapping in February, 1974, there was a series of carefully staged, "senseless, motiveless" killings. They were blamed upon "cults." Persons who survived the murderous attacks described their assailants as "zombies." "Operation Zebra" -- black versus white.

    A series of so-called "Fillmore fires" took place before the killings. They were named after Fillmore Street in San Francisco - a street in the black part of town. CIA arsonists have been known to do such things as burn their own churches, and set fire to many buildings in order to blame "hippies." The association of minorities with murder and arson was achieved.

    What we are now experiencing is the importation of the dreaded "Operation Phoenix" program into the United States. William E. Colby, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will be conducting