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Mike King

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Sept. 4, 2015

NY Times: Mount McKinley Will Again Be Called Denali



To any casual observer of the "world stage" with an ounce of perception, Obongo's latest executive action of renaming Mt. McKinley (highest peak in North America) to "Denali" (the name which natives refer to it as) smacks of just another politically correct bow to another of the myriad groups "oppressed" by the big bad White Man. Good golly! If we're going to be culturally correct; then every mountain, forest, lake, river, state, and region in America that doesn't bear its original native name should be renamed according to the traditions of the indigenous Asiatic tribes of America, some of which, by the way, killed off the ancient blond and red haired White tribes of the Americas -- but we digress.

But Obongo's motivation for this symbolism runs deeper than just mere political correctness run amok - much deeper. You see, dear fellow history buffs, the 1901 murder of President William McKinley, at the hands of an Anarchist Red named Leon Czolgosz, ranks as perhaps the most important turning point of the transitioning of America from a peace-loving, limited government Republic into the violent Communist-Corporatist Globalist bully that it has long since become.