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Ancient Sphinx Records Found

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resulted in a wealth of information. In fact further details of the situation are still unfolding at this moment.

The research team is planning to make an exciting public announcement by the end of the month about their incredible discoveries.

Equally exciting is the fact that the research team asked me to make this early announcement for them. The reason for this announcement is that they wish to notify people throughout the world about their wonderful discovery and to invite all interested people throughout the world to meditate, pray or sit with an open mind on Saturday August 16th.

On Saturday, August the 16th the research team will be performing some new type of high energy spiritual testing using some "things" they have discovered.

We in the Sacred Merkaba Techniques have been requested to assist the team by doing extra meditations and spiritual dancing on August 16th. We are then to report our personal experiences to the research team .

I am passing this same wonderful information, that was sent out to the Sacred Merkaba Techniques Teachers and Meditators, out to my personal announcement list so people throughout the world who are not connected with the Sacred Merkaba Techniques may also participant in this exciting test eminating from the Egyptian Pyramids this coming Saturday.

In The Light of God's Unconditional Love Gar