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Egypt Update On The Great White Brotherhood

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re ready to work with the Great White Brotherhood and gain access to the Hall of Records they created for humanity. The White of the Great White Brotherhood is not related to skin color but to the fact that all members of the Great White Brotherhood work with the spiritual energies of the White Light and giving the energies of Light to others.

Those who speak about the Great White Brotherhood merely regurgitate information which they read in books. The secrets and information about the Great White Brotherhood is not written down in books. The secrets of the Great White Brotherhood were passed down from father to son and mother to daughter in special coded messages. These ancient coded messages from 3,500 years ago were to be deciphered during the "End Times". The ancient coded message are now being deciphered by those sons and daughters of the Great White Brotherhood who are members of the research group.

The Egyptian Research Group who has accessed the ancient Hall of Records consists of several hundred individuals. There are around 50 research group members who have now been allowed access into the Hall of Records. More of the group's members are expected to access the inner secrets of the Sphinx later this year.

The Egyptian Research Group includes people from many diverse professions. This group includes professionals from the fields of anthropology, physics, medicine, psychology, engineering and history. The information and knowledge contained in the Hall of Records applies to all fields of human endeavor. Each individual is working to decipher information applicable to their profession.

Each group member spent the first 7 months of this year in heavy training to prepare for this amazing and strenuous event. In addition, the group leader and each of the team leaders have devoted a minimum of 5 years of their life in preparation for this work.

The group leader was selected long ago and that person has spent 44 years in personal training in order to access the Hall of Records at the right time. The group leader's first access to the Hall of Records occurred 13 months ago during the cycle of the lion. The group leader returned with the certain information and secretly, one person at a time, began gathering the several hundred person research group. Then, this year in the cycle of the lion, around 50 members of the research team were permitted by the Great White Brotherhood to enter the Hall of Records.

A longer announcement is expected from the group next week. Earlier updates supplied by the research group on the Egyptian events now unfolding can be found at In The Light of God's Unconditional

Love Gary