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Obama Wife ‘Dares’ Neocon Nazis To Kill Her Husband

Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

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Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

An historic new chapter has begun to be written in the annals of human history with the ascension to the United States Presidency of Barak Obama whose historic election victory is still resounding around the World.

And to this historic moment in time, the new American President’s wife, Michelle, presented herself to the World at the side of her husband as both the United States new First Lady and a ‘visual warning’ to her, and her husbands, enemies that she would not become the ‘black widow’ they fully expect her to be.  

Though virtually unnoticed by the American people, and totally ignored by their propaganda media, Michelle Obama stood confidentially beside her husband on this historic night garbed in the ancient African Bantu ceremonial ‘Royal Robe’ meant to signify that that which they most feared would not hold power over them, and which in this case was her dress of black doused with the reverse triangles of red upon her breast and abdomen like the ‘black widow’ spider [2nd and 3rd photos on left] she has called to have power over.

The history of the ancient Bantu peoples of Africa has been nearly entirely erased from Western history other than the mention of their mass migration in 1,000BC (still considered one of the largest in human history) forced upon them by the new ‘gods’ of the Middle East seeking domination over our human race and fearing our peoples ever becoming united against them.

For these past 3,000 years, these ‘gods’ of the Middle East have waged perpetual genocidal warfare against the Bantu peoples to both enslave and kill them to keep from our World the knowledge of the truest origins of our human race preserved in their ancient myths and religious beliefs, and whose battles still rage today and shows the vast African Continent, and its peoples, embroiled in countless wars, famine and massive deaths by disease.

None of these diseases threatens the Bantu peoples of the World more than the incurable and deadly HIV/Aids virus known to have been engineered by the West to totally eradicate ‘once and for all’ the ‘threat’ to these ancient ‘gods’ posed by these ‘First Peoples of Earth’ and which now affects fully 70 percent of the African Continent peoples.

And to our human races most ancient ‘story’, as told by the Bantu peoples through their myths and religious practices, our Earth and its peoples lived in total harmony before the descent to our planet by the ancient ‘gods’ in the African Nation of Zimbabwe where the oldest structures ever built by human beings still survive to this day.

After the reengineering of our human race to a ‘form’ better suited to their uses, as the Bantu peoples refused to bow before them, these ancient ‘gods’ abandoned the Continent of the Bantu (Africa) and established in present day Iraq their ‘main base’ which today goes by the name of Garden of Eden and from which their religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism all share their birth.

But, and unlike the beliefs of the Bantu peoples which stressed no difference between our Earth and its peoples, these ‘new’ religions were designed to keep our human race in perpetual warfare with each other, and which over these past 5,000 years have been astoundingly successful as billions of our race have died for the glory, and in devotion to, the new ‘gods’ of our planet.

It goes without my saying that these things I speak of are almost entirely unknown to the vast populations of our Earth’s peoples, but it should also be known that just because a thing may be unknown does not make it untrue.  And if not untrue, just unknown, it then falls upon the hearer of these things to prove their truth with the evidence available to them. 

And the first piece of evidence to be presented is the rise of Barack Obama to not just the Presidency of the United States, but also to his being the acknowledged ruler of our entire World, and as we had laid forth the facts of this being true in our November 4th report titled “Chaos And War Face United States As It Chooses New Leader”.

For anyone to believe that as our World enters what will prove to be its ‘Last Days of this Age’, and that it is just a ‘coincidence’ that the now defacto Leader of our entire Earth is of ancient Bantu blood, I would, respectfully, state to them that they have no idea of the true significance of the Kenyan-American ‘mystery man’ being hailed as a new ‘Messiah’ and looked upon as a modern day ‘Moses’ who now rules over them.

Likewise, for those foolishly believing that the ascent to World Power of Bantu people has once-and-for-all defeated the power of the ancient ‘gods’ I can state with one-hundred percent certainty that the blood that has been spilled over these past thousands of years for control of our Earth will pale in comparison to that which is soon to be spilled as the forces aligned for the final battles of our race are now in place and prepared to be unleashed upon one another.

We are one human race, we live on one World, there is only one fate which awaits us all when we die, there are no real ‘borders’ existing between our Earth’s peoples, there isn’t a ‘them versus us’, there is only us…this is what the ancient Bantu knew and now they hold the fate of our entire human race in their hands once again…let’s hope they do better in protecting us this time…Michelle Obama has made a good first start.

To be continued….     

Note: Suggested first reading for further research on this subject matter: “Wars in Heaven, Wars on Earth”,  Dirty, Filthy, Christians”: Treatise On The Most Dangerous Death Cult In Human History”, “The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition”, and “Les Peuples Bantu: Migrations, expansion et identite culturelle

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]

Translation to Spanish by: Sister Maru Barraza, Mazatlán, Mexico