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Haunting screams from Shanghai . . .

Mat Staver

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Shanghai is now back under lockdown—with a vengeance. Videos reveal haunting screams coming from the people locked inside the high-rise buildings. One business owner claimed his elderly family members have been under lockdown for two months.


These people are starving to death. They have zero freedom, zero rights and do not even have the ability to buy food. Refrigerators are barren with their doors standing open on high-rise balconies for the world to see. Children are reportedly being taken from their parents and placed up to five in one metal crib and with only one caretaker per 20 kids.


Even if these desperate people want to flee, China’s social credit and Vaccine Passport app will catch them. They are trapped. They have nowhere to go.


Meanwhile, our office is flooded with Americans facing a forced vaccine mandate. We cannot allow this same digital health technology to become common in America!


Yet, 25 states (plus D.C.) already have launched or are considering this digital Vaccine Passport. This is a real and present danger to individual freedom. Demand that state and federal governments block digital health apps, Vaccine Passports and COVID mandates. — Mat



When COVID was first launched, communist China swiftly mandated a digital health app two years ago. It signaled if a person was to be locked in their home, able to be outside only or able to move freely in public indoor places. Many globalists praised this system and bemoaned that America didn’t have anything like it.


Now my heart breaks for the people under the oppression this is causing.


Apartment complexes and other high-rise buildings echo the eerie cries of people yelling out the windows, “We are starving to death!” “We haven't eaten for a very long time!” “We are really starving to death!” My written words cannot convey the panic and desperation in these people’s voices. It brought my staff to tears.


Another street lined with high-rise apartment buildings has people yelling and voices coming from multiple blocks, “No more rice, no more oil!” One voice says, “These are the essentials for citizens!” A photo of a completely empty fridge that was moved to an apartment balcony was posted for the world to see. These people are risking their lives by speaking out, but they have nothing to lose now.


One disturbing video shows a man wrapping his arms around a young woman before falling backward out a fifth-story window to their deaths. Later reports claim it was a father and daughter. Suicides are skyrocketing.


And right now, America is rolling out this SAME technology for digital health and Vaccine Passports across 25 states and the District of Columbia. We don’t have to guess what our future could be like.


If what the American government has already done to our freedom and our future isn’t enough, it is implementing Vaccine Passports and digital health apps. Make your voice heard before it is too late by sending faxes to state and national leaders to stop Vaccine Passports.

What is happening in China gets even worse. Another video shows people being forced into vehicles and being hit and kicked and pushed by people in full HAZMAT gear.


Children are separated from their parents and placed in large facilities. Toddlers are pictured shoulder to shoulder, at least five to a metal baby crib. It is reported that there is only one nurse per 20 babies. Horrific rashes are developing from neglect. Other videos show young children locked in cribs, three per mattress, crying endlessly, sobbing piteously, with no adult in the room to help.


Even pets are not free from this hideous cruelty. Video shows police beating a dog to death with about 7-foot-long poles, and another shows nine bags with up to a dozen cats thrown in alive, because the government thinks animals might be spreading the omicron virus.


This violence, cruelty and human rights abuses are sickening!


But what I can’t believe is how states across America are lining up to launch the same technology that made all of this possible in China. Nations are falling all over themselves to institute this new push for digital health passports worldwide—and people are lining up to join.


We must not give up our freedom so easily. The push for a digital health passport is much bigger than COVID. This agenda was in place long before COVID. Urge your state and federal leaders to stop digital credentials, Vaccine Passports and freedom-killing mandates.

In our nation, the sovereign is “We the People,” and if there are subjects, they would be our civil servants/politicians. This means that for a government agent to try to demand you and I get permission to travel is equivalent to a peasant demanding the king get his approval before leaving his village.


Such a demand would be absurd. And it is time to remind our politicians that they are public servants and nothing more. Americans need to cling to our God-given freedom, which our Constitution affirms!


The People’s Convoy protesting for freedom has returned from D.C. to Los Angeles. Thousands of participants met in L.A. before heading to Sacramento for a protest April 18. Convoy organizers shouted, "So I ask everyone around the world, not just in this nation ... to stand up. Now is the time to remind our government and governments around the world that they work for us!"


Another speaker, Dr. Robert Malone, is an expert I have interviewed on my weekly TV program, Freedom Alive. He told the crowd the fight against vaccine mandates has become a “global war” and is one we desperately need to win. You don’t have to travel to Sacramento to make your voice heard. Right now you can urge state and federal leaders to stop digital credentials, Vaccine Passports and freedom-killing mandates.


Americans currently under a vaccine mandate continue to call our office sobbing. We are working late nights and weekends to help as many as we can. We were the first organization fighting Vaccine Passports, and we will keep up this battle until we win, as long as God grants us the necessary resources.


I ask you to pray about giving your best gift to strengthen our voice against tyranny and help our mission by signing up for recurring monthly donations to help end this now.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


P.S. Join our extended Challenge Grant that will effectively DOUBLE the impact of your donations! Select here to equip our staff to fight this battle for freedom.


Then send faxes to key leaders demanding they stop this government-forced agenda. Sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against mandatory vaccines.



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