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SOTN: WATCH! Will Smith smacks Chris Rock HARD on stage at the Oscars, then drops F-bomb while threatening him in front of worldwide audience


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SOTN Editor’s Note: Before you watch this astonishing video, it’s important to understand that there’s been a mushrooming phenomenon throughout the Covid era. Folks who have been jabbed once, twice or three times with the highly toxic Covid injections are exhibiting spontaneous rage and explosive anger like never before.  For example, the number and intensity of road rage incidents in the highly vaccinated state of California have gone off the charts since the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda was implemented there.  We’re not making excuses for Will Smith’s incredibly violent behavior, just pointing out a new fact of life in vaccinated America.

On the other hand, as the title strongly suggests, everyone knows that every A-list actor in Hollywood is either a paid CIA agent or lifelong contractor or willing crisis actor willing to do what ever The Company requests of them. (The C.I.A. is well known as The Company in global intelligence circles.). What better way to dramatically change the main story on the Internet today about POTUS Imposter Joe Biden starting World War III.  European leaders were universally aghast that Biden would literally call for regime change in Russia right after calling Putin a “butcher”.  As far as we know Vladimir Putin is the democratically elected president of the Russian Federation; and, he has never worked in a butcher shop.

What’s the critical point here?  Like everything in Hollweird today, as well as throughout the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, this extremely bizarre event must have been staged.  Just take a close look at all the key elements—Will Smith laughing after the joke on wife Jada, then the camera captures Jada rolling her eyes at just the right time, the quick and easy access given to Smith to even approach Chris Rock, the dramatic entry of Smith onto the stage climaxing with the SMACK that will go down in TV history, followed by a full-throated tirade of threats and thunder that would earn any lesser thespian an Oscar for Best Actor.  Really, is there anything the NWO globalist cabal will not do, can not do, to fiercely protect their criminally installed Warmonger-in Chief?!