Why would Big Media remain mostly silent about this issue?

We were told that all this vaccine and booster talk was all about the health and safety of the public.

Here are some of the reactions to this information from around the internet…

“So we are not worthy of healthcare for being healthy but we are essential to save those who require healthcare in a system we will be banned from using.”

“Prediction – me selling my untainted blood on the black market for big $$$”

“Seems to be a little bit of a problem…”

“I plan to be a Convalescent Plasma Blood donor. I asked the Red Cross whilst donating why they aren’t taking Convalescent Plasma for COVID at the moment & they said not enough people were dying & ppl who had COVID usually don’t return for unknown reasons. In other words, Red Cross are playing the political game of pushing the Pharmaceutical Companies Vaccines instead of Saving Lives.”

“Everyone get the vaccine or lose your job, travel rights, basically all your rights in Australia. …Hey guys. we need your blood..ours is weak agaisnt everything but covid…..also because of that the virus is mutating into variants because its simple to work around”