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Republican States Threaten Legal Action Over Biden Vaccine Mandate, RNC Vows To Sue

Marie Finn

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September 10, 2021

Several Republican states said that they are reviewing their legal options in response to President Joe Biden’s overreaching new vaccine requirements, while the Republican National Committee (RNC) committed to sue the administration when the decrees go into effect.

“President Biden is now taking federal overreach to unheard-of levels by dictating vaccine mandates for all private companies with over 100 people, federal contractors, and healthcare providers receiving federal dollars,” remarked Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

“I am reviewing his outrageous actions and will take all legal recourse to defend our state’s sovereignty and the rights of Arizonans to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves.”


Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and South Dakota joined The Grand Canyon State in threatening legal action in response to Biden’s newly announced federal vaccination plan. 

On Thursday, the president authorized the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to mandate “all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require any workers who remain unvaccinated to produce a negative test result on at least a weekly basis.” 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis promised to “fight” the government’s attempts to mandate vaccinations and COVID testing on private businesses.  

“How could we get to the point in the country where you would want to have someone lose their job because of their choice about the vaccine or not?” He questioned

“I do not believe that people should lose their jobs over this issue, and we will fight that,” DeSantis continued. “If they try to do that through a rule like the Department of Labor, I don’t think they have the legal authority to do that, but we obviously would want to support protections for people who are just trying to earn a living.”

The RNC had no qualms about promising to sue the government as soon as Biden’s new mandates go into effect.

“Joe Biden told Americans when he was elected that he would not impose vaccine mandates. He lied. Now small businesses, workers, and families across the country will pay the price. Like many Americans, I am pro-vaccine and anti-mandate,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel commented

“Many small businesses and workers do not have the money or legal resources to fight Biden’s unconstitutional actions and authoritarian decrees,” her statement continued. “But when his........