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Pulling your vaccine strings

Mat Staver

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Yale University is running a shocking 6-month study to find the best way to manipulate you to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

This isn't your average study. It looks beyond how to make people take a vaccine that they don’t want. It tracks 10 messages to determine how effective each one is at manipulating a person to become a community enforcer who will pressure others to take the vaccine.

Keep in mind that many of the front-runner COVID-19 vaccines include cell lines from the kidneys of a little girl aborted in the Netherlands. She is known only as "HEK-293."

Even if you want a COVID vaccine, it should chill every patriot to the bones that government officials and universities are searching for how best to raise up a community of Gestapo agents to push this injection.

Now is the time to make your voice heard against mandatory vaccines and the inclusion of fetal cells. It will be decided by Congress and the governors of each state if they will require COVID-19 vaccinations or maintain freedom. Send your fax to our national and state decision-makers to demand freedom in vaccines today. - Mat

I want to be clear. This study is NOT about people that want the vaccine. It is testing the best way to manipulate people that don't want it.

This study explores the use of the following messages to manipulate people into getting the vaccine: guilt, anger, embarrassment, trust in science, personal freedom, community interest, economic freedom, economic benefit, self-interest, and "Those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are not brave."

Then it will study participants' "willingness to persuade others to take the COVID-19 vaccine" and their "fear of those who have not been vaccinated." Finally, it will ask participants to measure "the trustworthiness, selfishness, likeableness, and competence of those who choose not to get vaccinated."

YOUR freedom is under a microscope to be dissected, studied, and manipulated against your will.

America is on the verge of forgetting that a free people do not have to beg for freedom. Our liberties come directly from God to "We the People." And we don't have to grovel before a government official for the crumbs of leftover or fake freedom.

If we want to maintain our freedom, we need to start making every elected official realize there is significant opposition to mandatory vaccinations. Take a few seconds to make your voice heard by sending a fax demanding that our governors and legislators protect true freedom to decide whether to vaccinate.

Even before a vaccine was available, the Prime Minister of Australia signed a contract to buy the aborted-fetal-cell vaccine from AstraZeneca/Oxford-if it finishes trials. He said his plan is to make COVID-19 vaccinations "as mandatory as you can make it." Needles and syringes alone will cost 24 million dollars and the total cost is expected to be in the billions to these pharmaceutical corporations. And that money is just from one country.

A few hours later, because of citizen outcry, the Prime Minister was forced to clarify that police would "not" be holding people down to force this injection on them (like some places in AU are doing to enforce masks, by the way). But his initial words reveal his desire to push people to get vaccines in every way possible.

Vaccine advocates use deceptive language saying the injections will be "voluntary," but that is likely only if you volunteer to stay home, give up grocery shopping, attending school, going to work, eating in restaurants, or traveling.

One clear example of this is in India, which launched a "voluntary" tracing app. LESS THAN A MONTH LATER, India's citizens quickly found out the app was much less-than-voluntary. From the moment they stepped out of their home, this tracing app was required (which will include vaccine records at some point). They could not get groceries, go to work, buy medication, develop photos, or anything else without the app on their phone.

Other nations are looking to America for leadership on this issue. In addition, our staff on Capitol Hill knows that our nation's leaders want to hear from you. Do you care to protect your freedom when it comes to vaccines? And not just your freedom; it extends to freedom around the world.

Make sure these freedoms are never lost. Now is the moment to get your message on the desks of the leaders who will choose to protect or punish those who refuse to inject this vaccine. Send your fax today.

Our staff members in D.C. are in very significant conversations regarding fetal tissue in these vaccines and we are fighting to get out this special message against mandatory fetal-cell-containing vaccinations. We know that we can only continue these conversations and have a presence on Capitol Hill and in the White House because of your generous donations and support.

I invite you to give your best possible donation today. Your partnership empowers us to build and fulfill our vision for an educated and activated citizen-group that leads our nation to a better future of liberty and justice for all.

If you are discouraged, I encourage you to read Psalms 2. The rage of a nation is nothing compared to the fury of a holy King. Rest in the promise that God has established His kingdom and there is nothing an earthly government can do to shake that.

Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.


Mat Staver



P.S. A voluntary vaccination that is required to travel, go to school, or even just leave your home is not actually "voluntary" at all, especially, when many of the most advanced COVID-19 vaccines include aborted fetal cell lines. Now is the time for us to unite around Americans that have personal concerns about vaccinations, and to protect constitutional freedom for all. Send a fax demanding that legislators and governors make sure that the choice for a vaccination stays truly free.

If you cannot send a fax today, please sign our petition to leaders and to the White House urging them to provide national leadership to protect these freedoms and liberties.

Please know that we are keeping our friends and supporters in prayer. You are the only reason that we can continue the vision God has given to wake up America. If you can support Liberty Counsel Action with a donation of any size today, we would deeply appreciate your partnership with us in this mission. Again, thank you and God bless.


Yale University. National Institutes of Health: U.S. National Library of Medicine. COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1. Identifier: NCT04460703. (Accessed: 2020, August 19).

Murphy, Katharine. The Guardian. Australian government does deal to secure potential Oxford University Covid vaccine. (2020, August 18).

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