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Tough decisions on vaccinations are coming

Mat Staver

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There are five huge problems with the current push to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. From using aborted fetal cells in the development ... to guaranteeing all profit and no liability for Big Pharma companies ... it's time to rein in those rushing headlong to win the big payoff.

Meanwhile, a fast-growing contact tracing "surveillance army" is about to be given the power to lock people into their homes for weeks at a time—for no reason other than having been around someone suspected of having the virus. And the only way out of these cycles of quarantine will likely be to take whatever vaccination is officially approved.

Voluntary vaccinations don't look so "voluntary" when you are locked in your home (or another designated "secure location") if you refuse them. Rise up now to send a fax telling our national and state leaders to stop funding surveillance and to fight against fetal-cell-based vaccinations. - Mat

There are serious, systemic problems in our current race to create a COVID-19 vaccine. We must all be fully aware of these issues as researchers race forward. All of us will have tough decisions to make about mandatory vaccinations in the not-too-distant future.

  1. Big Pharma is already spending billions of dollars preparing to manufacture vaccine doses BEFORE they finish clinical trials studying both the effectiveness and the possibly unacceptable side effects of their vaccines. This mad race to the finish line creates significant, artificial pressure on those who will ultimately approve vaccines for public use.
  2. In America, those developing the vaccines are immune from any financial liability for damages caused by a COVID-19 vaccine, even BEFORE it is fully tested. Now, radical billionaire Bill Gates is pushing worldwide for the same legal immunities anywhere a vaccine will be distributed.
  3. Five of the leading vaccines being developed are using aborted fetal cells.
  4. Scientists are racing to create a COVID-19 vaccine at record speed even though they have experienced spectacular failures in such efforts before. In the past, coronavirus vaccines caused what is euphemistically called a "vaccination enhancement," which can either result in a greater susceptibility to contracting the disease, or more severe symptoms from the disease once it's contracted. It is unknown if scientists will be able to overcome this daunting challenge this time around.
  5. Finally, even the normal, unrushed vaccine programs that have been studied for decades have cost taxpayers more than 4.2 billion dollars in court-awarded damages for injuries through the government's National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a fund which cushions vaccine producers from legal liability.

State governors and other officials are demanding that an approved vaccine be in place before they will remove COVID-19 restrictions. Schools are shut down waiting for a vaccine, even as a fast-growing army of "contact tracing spies" stand ready to identify anyone who doesn’t take a vaccine ... that hasn't even been developed yet!

It's time to take back our nation! Our state and national leaders are constantly hearing from people who are so fearful that they are asking for even more government mandates. Our elected and appointed officials need to know where you stand on this issue! Send them your fax today.

Bill Gates' past activities make him fully aware of the challenges to previous mass vaccination attempts. Now, he is demanding that entire nations be denied access to a COVID-19 vaccine ... unless they first give special protection to pharmaceutical companies from legal liability.

Even if it is proven that someone died as a direct result of a vaccination, Gates wants taxpayers — not Big Pharma — to pay for the damage.

While Big Pharma companies stand to make hundreds of billions of dollars, Bill Gates is working hard to make sure they never lose a penny, even if their products cause injury or death to innocent people.

Already, Gates has been successful in demanding this in America. The Department of Health and Human Services created a retroactive declaration providing "liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against COVID-19." This means that even if a treatment or vaccine kills a person in America, you and I as taxpayers will pay the damages.

This creates a systemic problem that demotivates those developing the vaccine to act in the best interest of those receiving it.

In addition, Bill Gates is pushing nations to create immigration rules that deny entry to citizens from other nations that do not mandate vaccinations. This will cause nations to adopt vaccination requirements whether or not it is in their people's best interest.

Now is the time to rise up to demand that mandatory vaccinations and mass surveillance not encroach on the constitutional freedom and privacy of Americans and to stop them from doing great damage to people around the world. We need to stand together to send a clear message to Washington D.C. Fax today to make your voice heard to stop our nation's fall into becoming a nanny/surveillance state.

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Mat Staver



P.S. I am deeply concerned that the system we have set up to find a COVID-19 vaccine will ill-serve those who are expected to inject the vaccine. Now is the time to hold our leaders accountable and demand freedom from surveillance while preventing Americans from being quarantined until they take a government-mandated vaccine. Send a fax demanding that governors and legislators stop pushing these unconstitutional efforts.

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