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NY: Vote tomorrow. Your children's lives may depend on it.

Autism Action Network

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It's local election day tomorrow in New York. Get out and vote. For the first time since 2010 the Democrats have complete control of the legislature and the Governor.  And what have they done? 

     They eliminated a fundamental human right just to appease drug companies. They created a religious test for the first time ever to attend school in New York. They expelled 26,000 children from New York schools for no other reason than to curry favor with religious bigots, drug companies and the media outlets dependent on drug company advertising dollars. They created in 2019 religious refugees from New York.  And who voted for this in Albany? 122 Democrats and 4 Republicans.

     They are blocking doctors from exercising their best judgment to protect vulnerable children. They have surrendered all other considerations to maximizing sales for a politically-favored industry while knowing that children will be needlessly injured in the process. 

     The Democrats slashed the budget for developmental disability programs while increasing overall spending. They slashed the life-line programs that allow low-income families, mostly aging mothers, to care for adult children with developmental disabilities at home, and despite multiple court decisions that have ruled that Governor Cuomo's Justice Center is un-Constitutional, for years the Governor and Democrats have proposed NOTHING to replace it, meaning there is no way in New York right now to prosecute a crime committed against a developmentally disabled person in a residential setting. People in group homes, residential schools and residential settings literally have no legal protection from crimes in New York thanks to Governor Cuomo and his party. 

     Every single bill in Albany that would mandate new vaccines, allow children to get vaccines without parental knowledge, expand the places and professions that can give vaccines, expand the jobs where state-mandated vaccines are required have all been introduced and are solely supported by Democrats. The four largest drug companies in the United States and the world, Merck, Pfizer, Glaxo and Sanofi make ALL the vaccines required to attend school in New York. And when these drug companies say, "Jump!" New York Democrats say, "How high?"

     If you have a family member with a developmental disability the Democrats have abandoned your family.  If you have a child with autism the Democrats have abandoned your child. If you have a vaccine-injured child in New York the Democrats are actively striving to injure your child again. If you want to control what is put in your body or your children's body the Democrats oppose you. 

     Vote tomorrow. None of our elected officials in Albany will be on the ballot tomorrow, but November 2020 will be here soon enough. The record speaks for itself. Your children's lives may depend on it.  Vote.[capwiz:queue_id]