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NY fight back: Lawyers in vaccine rights suits need your story ASAP

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NY: Lawyers in religious exemption suit need your help

Your affidavits on 1) Harm to your family, 2) Experiences of religious hostility.

Michael Susman, the lead attorney in the lawsuit challenging the repeal of religious exemptions from vaccine mandates to attend school in New York, has requested that families affected by the new law prepare affidavits (sworn statements)  for use in the suit. these affidavits are crucial to making our case so please participate.

     Sussman is collecting two types of affidavit to submit to the Court in our request for a preliminary injunction. One affidavit will be about the irreparable harm that will be done to your family by the repeal of the religious exemption. This is also exactly the type of document that Beth Berlin, New York Acting Commissioner of Education, requested at the Regents meeting on Monday to be sent to her to help her understand the impact on New York families.

     The second affidavit will be about instances of Religious Hostility you witnessed from legislators or their staffs.

   We are collecting affidavits from both plaintiffs/class representatives, and anyone impacted by the religious exemption repeal.  

    If you would like to participate please carefully read instructions below:

Irreparable Harm Affidavit

1)    The first affidavit demonstrates the immediate, irreparable harm caused by the repeal of the religious exemption.

  • Fill in (in numbered paragraphs) the multiple ways you and your family have already been and will continue to be harmed, as a direct effect of the religious exemption repeal law.
  • Be specific with children’s ages, their schools, the “programs” or “services” or “activities” they had that are now revoked/discontinued or will be missing.
  • Share specifics on how this will harm them in terms of negative impact of academic, social, emotional development etc. etc.
  • In discussing any impact to your career to now be forced to homeschool, reduce work hours etc., be as specific as possible.
  • Please send your affidavit to be reviewed at without signing.
  • And please send a copy of your affidavit to for forwarding to Acting Commissioner Berlin.

Religious Hostility Affidavit

2)    The second affidavit will be to share specific examples of hostility towards religion. If you witnessed any of the open hostility towards religion, in general, or to your religious beliefs during the passing of this legislation (in any form of communication with legislators, during lobbying efforts, on social media, in committee meetings, during floor debates, etc.) please create a separate affidavit using the attached document which lays out those facts (do not combine the harms and the hostility – these should be two separate documents).

  • In discussing any incidents showing hostility toward religion be as specific as possible - who/what/when/where and exact quotes are helpful.
  • We are NOT defending our religious beliefs or justifying them.
  • We are NOT quoting scripture or discussing religious objections in detail (or concerns about safety or efficacy or ingredients etc.). We are simply laying out examples of hostility that we saw/heard towards religion in general (saying the REs are “so-called” or that they are used as a “loophole” etc.).
  • Please send your affidavit to be reviewed at without signing.

General Instructions

     For both affidavits, the more detail the better.

     For now, please assume that your full name will be used and disclosed. You may use initials for your children. (“Jane Doe” for a parent, but for your child would be “J.D.”).

     Also, fill in your County on the top.

     Please send affidavit to be reviewed at without signing.


Class Representatives/Plaintiffs

‼If you are one of the 55 class representatives/plaintiffs already named in the complaint (you would know if you are already), please write **Class Rep** in the subject line of your email. ‼️‼️

The legal team will review them for formatting consistency and will then email back next steps. Please do not worry about using “perfect” or “legal” language – these should be in your own words.

Any questions can also be sent to

Thank you in advance.

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