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VACCINATION SLAVERY An open letter for use by any Mother

Charlie Miller

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"Remember, the most dangerous thing on the planet, is a mother with young."


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In The People’s Political Jurisdiction

Exercise of Legal Right and Enforcement of Contract


GREETINGS, Before the World, to whom it may concern;


Article 1 Section 1; All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights. Washington Constitution.


I, name ………… , DO NOT CONSENT to being denied the law protecting my individual right to choose what is done to my body and my children’s bodies.


The State of Washington does not have an ownership position in my body, mind or soul, nor an ownership position in my children’s bodies, minds and souls.


The United States does not have an ownership position in my body, mind or soul, nor an ownership position in my children’s bodies, mindset souls.


The State of Washington is practicing RAPE and SLAVERY upon me and my children by attempting to force foreign substances in to our bodies under legislative fiat not authorized by law of the Constitution. See F.N. 1


The State of Washington as a whole operating system is intentionally committing Constitutional TORT for which there is no defense possible.


I, name …… , am speaking for the people of Washington by issuing this demand, Writ of Prohibition, to all public servants to honor your contract to recognize and act under the law of the people, our Constitution.


We the people of the State of Washington now speak to our servants concerning public officers activities damaging, harming and injuring the good People, particularly our children.


YOU WILL; Cease and Desist all activities intending or leading to the exercise of RAPE and or SLAVERY over me or my children by denying me the RIGHT TO CHOOSE what substances are placed in my children’s bodies, or mine.


Public servants have caused pain and suffering to thousands of children by knowingly ignoring the massive amount of evidence proving beyond all doubt that vaccination creates health crisis, many times to the point of death. This is the TORT of NEGLIGENCE, possibly rising to felonies, all in breach of contact to serve the Constitution protecting the people.


YES, every government officer and employee acting under the name of the State of Washington are servants to the sole exclusive BENEFICIARIES of all government authorities and powers, the good People.


So states the Washington constitution that every public officer and employee, servants all, is required to pledge personal fidelity too as the first contract condition for employment. See F.N. 2


The Legislative section of Washington’s constitution does not identify the people as subject to legislative acts.


The Legislative section of the Constitution for the United States of America, controlling the United States government, does not identify the good People of any state as either subjects nor objects to be regulated by statute or other Legislative fiat.


Forcing vaccination on children is not a just power recognized by the fundamental and first law of Washington, the good People’s Constitution. No just power or exercise of authority could ever be based on trespass in to any one of the good People’s bodies.


Until the legal representative of the State of Washington, Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, acting on behalf of all public servants, identifies and discloses to We the people, the source of authority granted to Washington government, to regulate the people by control of what we do with our bodies, the NEGLIGENCE TORT rises to MALVERSATION. See F.N. 2


Further, the CONSTITUTIONAL TORT is proved conclusively, beyond all doubt, by simple reference to existing public record such as the Constitution and Legislative records.


The NEGLIGENCE TORT and MALVERSATION will be proved beyond all doubt, attaching to all public officers or employees individually, when no source of authority identified by Washington’s Constitution is brought, forth allowing Washington government to TRESPASS, into children’s bodies and distribute known poisonous chemicals.


This Writ of Prohibition is fair notice to the principal, the State of Washington, and all agents thereto claiming to be public servants.


This Writ of Prohibition is deemed evidence in context of the federal rules of evidence.


This Writ of Prohibition is not corruptible by government servants, because the state Constitution grant of power to issue Writs of Prohibition by courts, does not remove the power of the good People to exercise individual authorities of State Citizens in exercising our right to ordain the authorities and powers of governments, We created by our Constitution. The People are the original judicial power as identified by our Constitution, no matter what any servant of the Judicial, Legislative or Executive branch says or does.


This issue is real simple, show we Mothers of the children you servants are trespassing on and in your proof of authority or face the judgement by full faith and credit public records. The same records servants created which expose servants refusal to honor the Constitution. The judgement of TORT in the context of Trespass, Rape, Slavery, Negligence, Malversation, Breach of Public Contract is more than likely coming soon from the highest Court in the land, The Court of Public Opinion.


The jury in the good People’s Court of Public Opinion over this vaccination issue is Mothers with damaged children and those scheduled by servants to be damaged in the future.


Govern your selves accordingly.


Done this day of , 2019 ______________


F.N. 1. US v KOZMINSKI; “ Held: For purposes of criminal prosecution under § 241 or § 1584, the term "involuntary servitude" necessarily means a condition of servitude in which the victim is forced to work for the defendant by the use or threat of physical restraint or physical injury or by the use or threat of coercion through law or the legal process. This definition encompasses cases in which the defendant holds the victim in servitude by placing him or her in fear of such physical restraint or injury or legal coercion. Pp. 487 U. S. 939-953. “ Emphasis added.



No bill of attainder, or expo facto law impairing the obligations of contracts shall ever be passed.


F.N. 3. Malversation; Corrupt behaviour in a position of trust, especially in public office.

Oxford English Dictionary.


Print this up in blank with enough room to fill in names.

Hand them out and will see who stands up and who bends over.

Send to, hand to, email to any servant, the higher up in the swamp the better.