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Parents whose son died after Gardasil Vaccine in August just spoke at the CDC

Erin Elizabeth

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Parents whose son died after Gardasil Vaccine in August just spoke at the CDC

We are so happy to be friends with Elijah Bunch.

Today, he and Christopher’s mother spoke at ACIP and it was powerful. Please take a moment to watch the video below:


Again, we are so fortunate to know the Bunch family, in fact, we think of each other as family at this point. Perhaps because we shared Christopher’s story right after it happened, as it affected us so deeply. Honestly, I think I saw so much of myself in Christopher; his YouTube channel- which he was just really getting started- is something I would have done (if we had YouTube) when I was 14-years-old.


We must continue to fight to make sure that no more children are needlessly sacrificed. (Especially for a vaccine like HPV which has never been tested properly and continues to do such harm to so many.) Even their own conventional neurologist, as seen in the video, stated that Christopher died of ADEM, which was most likely contracted by the HPV vaccine he had received just days before.

And a big thank you to all our readers who contributed to the family so they could hop a plane from Oklahoma to Atlanta (they have never flown before) because they had to be there for their son. And for countless other sons who still have their lives.

As his mother said, he will never have his first high school dance, never get married, or know the joy of having children. Because he is gone. Thanks to the HPV vaccine.