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Coalition Against Mandatory Vaccination

Brenna Hill

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hildren to on-the-spot state-mandated vaccines of up 17 vaccine doses, or face imprisonment. Parents who ignored the court’s demands could face a $50 fine for every day their child is out of compliance or up to 10 days in jail.


Dawn Richardson from PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education) tried contacting the communications department of the Prince George’s County School District to ask specific questions about the amount of money the school district gets paid per child per day.  That call was not returned. Fortunately, the National Center for Education Statistics has some great information about Prince George’s County Public Schools online.


According to this government website, in the 2006-2007 school year, Prince George’s County Public Schools received $11,325 per student per year. As Dawn points out, that is more than some parents pay for their child’s private school tuition!


The breakdown was:

  • 7% from federal money or $780

  • 46% from the state or $5,246

  • 47% from local revenue or $5,298

Assuming a typical 180-day school year, that comes out to $63 per child per day of school attended. Why is this important information? If the Washington Post article had the numbers correct when they said that 2,300 kids are being barred from school, all of a sudden $63 per student per day turns into an astronomical loss of $144,900 PER DAY for the school district. That would light a fire under someone to stop that hemorrhaging of loss of income, but it does not justify the way these families are being treated. For more details of the horror story that parents are facing in the state of Maryland, please go to


AAHF is starting a new initiative, The Coalition Against Mandatory Vaccination headed up by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, AAHF President and well-known authority on vaccines.  This initiative will partner with our state chapters to ensure that philosophical exemptions are enacted (and protected) in all states.  Currently all states and the District of Columbia offer a medical exemption, all but two states offer a religious exemption (MI, WV), and only 18 states offer a philosophical exemption. 


AAHF recently learned of a family pediatrician who is now charging a $20 per child fee (referred to as an “aggravation” charge to the parent) for refusing vaccines. This is also being applied to parents who question vaccines, want to delay or spread the vaccines out. Dr. Tenpenny has been receiving hundreds of stories about these out of control and bullying physicians!


We know that attacks on the religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination in America are on the increase and are being led by vaccine patent holders like Paul Offit, M.D. and others who want to force vaccination.  They are creating an organization "People For Immunization." The intent is to be THE scientific voice for "real information" about vaccines. Dr. Tenpenny stated, “Reading public health literature over the last five-eight years, I believe their hidden agenda will be a campaign to eliminate ALL vaccine exemptions and to force home schooled children to be vaccinated.” 


Vaccines mandates and funding by the government increase the cost of healthcare. Each mandate makes health care insurance less attainable for everyone. In addition, nearly 32 percent of the annual budget of Centers for Disease Control ($2.1 billion in 2007) is committed to purchase and administration of vaccines.  Vaccination programs are a growing burden on the healthcare system of the States and Federal budget.  Vaccination enforcement measures are becoming increasingly draconian and must be stopped.


We believe that state enforced vaccination practices are intrusive and are reaching the point of being mandatory enforced. We believe that the right to choose what is injected into the body is a health freedom right that needs to be freely available in all fifty states. AAHF intends to achieve these ambitious goals by establishing state chapters in all 50 states. The mission of AAHF is “the right of the consumer to choose and the practitioner to practice.” The right to choose vaccination, to be fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated- is a primary to health freedom.


The success of our mission depends on you. We need you to:

  • Participate in our petitioning campaigns to educate the masses about the pros and cons of vaccination

  • Help us recruit more supporters by spreading the word to everyone you know.  Tell-A-Friend Now!

  • Contribute money so we can advertise and recruit supporters as fast as possible

Financial contributions will be used to develop and assist AAHF state chapters and hire state lobbyists to increase pressure on our elected representatives to pass state laws that allow philosophical exemptions as well as improve our ability bringing these vital communications to our members through the internet and direct mail.

We can’t do it alone.  Please help!  Click here to make your contribution towards ending the threat of mandatory vaccination.




Brenna Hill

Executive Director

American Association for Health Freedom