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Gun-free schools in America now training children as resistance militia forces armed with cans of soup

Mike Adams

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FW:  8-7-17


The latest loony idea from "gun-free zone" advocates (who absolutely insist on making children a target in public schools by advertising the utter lack of armed defenses there) involves training children to function as school resistance militia forcesusing cans of soup as weapons.

I'm seriously not making this up.

See the letter from the principal of the W. F. Burns Middle School below, which explains all.

As the letter explains, instead of allowing responsible school administrators who pass FBI background checks to carry concealed firearms that could immediately take down active shooters who are endangering children, "gun-free zone" delusional thinkers want to turn classrooms of children into school militias of soup-wielding combatants trained to hurl Campbell's Soup cans at armed attackers.
This insanely stupid idea is described in a letter that has surfaced from the principal of the W.F. Burns Middle School in Alabama -- click here to see the letter for yourself (h/t to, links below) -- which states the school is now "enhancing our procedure for intruders."

This new procedure will involve "...arming our students with a canned food item."

It is never explained how a group of obese students who can't even toss a basketball into a hoop are supposed to nail the heads of attackers with pinpoint accuracy using aerodynamically-unstable soup cans. Will they be trained for it? Are America's middle schools seriously going to start their own home-grow militia defense training with students hurling soup cans to the audible commands o