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I do not believe the Amtrak was going 80 when it crashed

Jim Stone

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They are clearly lying. It was obviously a 30 mph train wreck, and it can be easily proven.

Yesterday, witnesses were not saying the train was going between 70 and 80 mph, they just said the crash started so smoothly they were not sure anything was wrong, and then ended with them being thrown. Today, in all witness accounts, they are saying the train was obviously going fast, even in reports which yesterday said no such thing. There is an obvious expungement of facts going on.

The train was not going 80+mph and it is easy to prove.

The cars are not damaged enough, and the death toll is not high enough. Additionally, the cars did not go far enough after the crash. 3 of them stayed on the tracks, with a fourth one off the tracks but not fallen. The stories told by people are not consistent with an 80 mph crash either. From the pictures, the train was going 30. There's plenty of evidence to support this.

The 2013 Santiago derailment in Spain happened at a high speed similar to what is being claimed for this Amtrak crash, and the Santiago train stayed on level ground and killed 77 people.

In the American tale, a high speed Amtrak fell from a high place and landed in traffic, with a perfect dead end to smash into and only 7 people are dead because the train had a good soul and decided to not cross the interstate to bash into the dead end on the other side. THAT'S BULLSHIT. The death toll in the American crash should have been almost everyone aboard and it should have been a crumpled mess on the opposite side of the interstate if the speed was as claimed.

The engine that is still sitting happily on the tracks should have been a bashed up piece of flipped over metal a half mile down the tracks if it did not fall onto the highway. There's no way passenger cars took all the momentum away from it, especially when they were falling out of sight with no way to push back on it. The fact that engine is where it is alone proves the train was going 30. Laughably, the MSM is now calling the engine at the back of the train a "caboose" and not a heavy engine to cover up the fakery of the current story and explain why it is not a half mile down the tracks, past the crash scene. Their fakery with this key info is proof they are reporting based on an agenda, and not the facts.


7 people dead would be an amazingly low number for even a train that was not moving at all falling off an overpass. At first I figured maybe it was going 80, but the next day numbers don't add up, and I was not thinking at all about how on earth that engine stayed on the tracks without blasting right past the crash scene. If that engine stayed on the tracks and the crash happened at 80, you should have seen a lone engine with the train ripped away, sitting on the tracks farther away than you could ever put into context with a picture. It would have gone at least a half mile past the accident even with full brake.

The accident scene does not match up with claims of high speed. It matches up perfectly with Antifa derailing the train at the request of George Soros.

Yesterday some of the MSM reports were saying they found what derailed the train. Those are all gone now. What happened to them? Obviously white wash. You can't go from "we found the obstacle" to "oh, it was going too fast" in the real world, especially with all the rest of the evidence at hand.

What we have with this crash is an act of sabotage, being buried by commies and liberals who just can't admit that the scum they supported had a real and serious impact in the real world, on a train they themselves would ride. We also have a situation where Amtrak would lie, to prevent copycats from doing the same thing.

What would you do if you were Amtrak? Tell the world a bunch of pukes did it, and encourage more, and have 15 more trains off the tracks as a result, or would you rather take the rap, blame the engineer, give him a nice pension and stay on the tracks elsewhere?

I have ridden Amtrak many times. People do not wear seatbelts. There are dining and entertainment areas. People are randomly walking around. And 80 MPH does not turn into 15 mph just because you are on a train. The death and injury toll is way too low, if the train really was going 80+ when it went off the tracks, almost everyone should be dead. This crash should have been worse than the one in Spain that happened a while back. Though the train in spain was going about 30 percent faster than the claimed speed for this Amtrak, it did not fall off a freeway overpass. It stayed on level ground. What's worse? wrecking a car in a corn field or driving one off a cliff? That is literally the difference here.


Due to the circumstance at the scene of the Amtrak crash, the death toll equals ONE THING: the train went off the tracks slowly, and coasted down a steep embankment onto the highway. A few people died because there is no way out of having casualties when a train goes onto an interstate.

1. The media does not want to report the truth, because their pals did it.

2. Amtrak does not want to report the truth, because they don't want more of this.

3. George Soros had a martini.


Put your thinking cap on and look at this photo. None of this train, which was supposedly going 80, made it across the interstate despite a majority of the cars staying on their wheels. How is that possible?

QUESTION: How does a train that is going 80 suddenly stop on top of a highway and on a hillside before the highway and not cross the highway? How does it mostly stay on it's wheels?

ANSWER: George Soros had a martini.

"Gus Ubaldi, a train expert with Robson Forensic, told Patch that's it's possible an object on the tracks caused the derailment. Looking at photos of the wreck, Ubaldi pointed out that the front cars, including the locomotive, were heavily damaged, which might indicate the train hit an object. The caboose was the only car not to derail and appeared largely undamaged.

"I'm beginning to lend credence to the idea that something was on the track," he said. "The track behind the train, it's pristine, there are no marks."

My comment: Since in the universe I come from 80 mph trains take miles to stop and don't pay courtesies to interstates when they wreck, I'd have to agree.