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One Racist Attack On America By Michelle Obama Crossed An Unthinkable Red Line

Kelly Walsh

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Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is never far from controversy.

And as usual, it involves an ugly instance of her playing the race card.

But she went too far and her racist attack on America crossed a major redline.

Michelle Obama headlined a book tour stop in Detroit to promote her memoirs.

Some pundits thought that because she was visiting a swing-state, it was a sign she’s seriously considering a 2020 challenge to Donald Trump.

While Michelle Obama strongly denied any interest in politics, many in the fake news media held out hope she would throw her hat into the ring.

But if she does decide to run for President, it is clear after this appearance that she would run an ugly campaign as a race-baiting hustler in the mold of Al Sharpton.

Obama reacted to the news that Deep State prosecutors in the Southern District of New York were hungering to indict President Trump on fabricated campaign finance violations.

She claimed that when they were in the White House, they had to act perfectly because they were black.

“We can’t make mistakes. We can’t get indicted”, Obama roared.

This is just simply not true.

If anything, Barack Obama received worshipful coverage in the media and Hollywood because he was black.

Late night comics even remarked that Obama was so god-like that they could not make fun of him as President.

And journalists rarely wrote even a whiff of a negative story about Obama.

They even allowed Obama’s lie that his administration was “scandal free” to go unchallenged.

But the families of the border patrol agents who were murdered by the same guns the Obama administration allowed to fall in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels—so he could use their violence as an excuse to push gun control—would disagree.

And so would the families of the four heroes who were killed in the Benghazi terrorist attacks because Obama and Hillary Clinton had left them to die and then lied about the cause for the attacks.

And it’s also a safe bet that the tea party groups harassed by the IRS would also dispute Obama’s claim that his administration was scandal free.

The entire focus of the so-called “mainstream media” during Obama’s time in office was how Republicans declaring any opposition to Obama’s socialist agenda was “racist.”

The Obama’s race could not have worked more in their favor.

Journalists swooned over the fact that America had elected the first black President.

And instead of scrutinizing Obama, his record, and his associates, the media acted as his praetorian guard and snuffed out any negative stories.

Compare that to Donald Trump’s first two years in office.

The media regularly invent scandals and crimes out of thin air to claim the President is corrupt.

Michelle Obama famously once said, “when they go low, we go high.”

But her racist smear that Americans are bigots who waited to pounce on any mistake her family made in the White House shows she is well-traveled on the political low road.