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White People Are a Plague to the Planet!! BuzzFeed Promotes the Idea

Amna El Tawil

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Dec. 13, 2-16

Racial tensions in the United States aren’t showing signs of slowing down. It became impossible to read or watch the news without reports about new racist events and statements. Of course, the primary culprit for racism-charged events is white people. In fact, everything is considered racism nowadays and it’s quite shocking how people go into the tiniest details just to prove that some statement or even a photo is racist. However, when was the last time you read the news that white people are victims of racism? That’s right, the answer is never! Although reverse racism is considered as a myth, it’s very much real and one of the most popular entertainment websites, BuzzFeed, contributes to it.

Let’s face it, BuzzFeed isn’t some high-quality page, you just go there to watch funny photos and gifs and that’s it. However, they do engage in political matters from time to time although the reason is unknown. It’s not like the website features political analysts or experts to form high-quality posts. One of their recent posts went almost unnoticed in mainstream media, it was abundant in anti-white photos that would turn out to be a huge scandal if tables were turned.


The post was compiled by two authors, yes it took two people to browse for tweets and embed them into an article, and you get to see posts such as a girl wearing “Make America Brown Again” t-shirt, presentations that claim reverse racism is a myth as well as those who claim that white people are a plague to the planet. It’s impossible to miss presentations branding white people crazy and dangerous.

You can see the entire post here.

The question that arises from this post is: when is the right time to admit that Caucasians are, also, victims of racism or racist outbursts?

While everyone wants respect, unity, and the American spirit to “return” to the US again, we must admit that examples like this must stop as well. If you want to be respected, you must show respect and that’s something that all sides in this racial tension war have to do.