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How Much Revisionism (and removing national symbols) is required to "cure racism" from the nation?

Grand Marshal, Priory of Salem

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July 30, 2015

To get rid of racism in America they're going to need to delete everything in the entire nation from about 1640 when the first consitutions were written that were racist. We'll need to delete many of Abraham Lincoln's speeches where he promised all of America to retun Africans back to Africa and to NEVER stop slavery. Yes we'll have to keep going through the ages of segregation, the recent legalization of third world immigration, and keep on going all the way up until the year 2000 (where still some states had inter racial marriage a crime). It wasn't until 1968 that the supreme court legalized inter-racial marriage inside of America. At that time it was a very unpopular decision, and inter-racial marriage was a severe felony still in 28 states. Delete everything in the entire nation until the election of Obama. These people who keep finding normal things in society and call it "racist" will be banning things till kingdom come.
Oprah said it recently that all old people (who lived 30 years ago) were saturated in racism, and that "all old people need to die" in order to cure racism. At least someone is honest. Oprah's plan to achieve this is to use her multi-millions to kill the older folks. Many Billionaires have made even worse passionate statements when they've unrolled their programs that included major campaign donations.
Not only American and state flags will need to be banned. Every flag in the whole world will need to be banned. 
Every single flag in the world was racist until about 30 years ago. Every state was by race, and had laws about immigration of others based on race. Flying a flag was flying that of a race and nation. Yes, even under the American flag almost every state had segregation ordinances until rather recently in our nation's history. 
The Confederate Battle flag looks totally different than the ones flying over the state capitols. The large version is the one the The Ku Klux Klan had raised over the capitols in the 1960's. (I cannot change history, but all liars will burn in hell.) Three sitting US Presidents were publically declared (and proud) Klan Members and at least two were Knighted in the Oval office. How many who were secretly members may never be known.
I’m so proud of my Confederate heritage. It’s so unbelievable God has blessed me so much to be related to Dr. Josiah Clark Nott​.
During the war he first served as Director for the Confederate Army Hospital of Mobile Alabama. Later in the field he served as a Staff Officer and Surgeon. He also risked his life as hospital inspector in enemy territory, reporting the severely bad treatment of the Confederate wounded. He’s also well known for his medical articles that were published to prove we should NEVER allow inter-racial marriages. (Loving vs Virginia was a tyrannical act of the Supreme court to legalize interracial marriage in 1968. When even the plaintiffs never wanted to change the nation’s laws. They said that they just didn’t want to go to jail for the felony crime of mixing.) The entire US Congress agreed and voted to make it mandatory to publish his information against race-mixing at every hospital and medical journal in the Nation. They published it and republished it many times. His books like “Types of Mankind” go down in history as classics for racial identification. He had many exchanges with Darwin on the content, and demonstrated his Christian beliefs firmly throughout it all.
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