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On Behalf of Mathew Hale

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE

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Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE

POB 192

Parrish, FL 34219

July 7th 2019

Federal Bureau of Prisons

U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Home Loans Bank Board Building

320 1st St. NW

Washington DC. 20534

Ref: U.S. Penitentiary MAX POB 8500

Florence CO 81226-8500

Inmate Mathew Hale Reg. Nu. 15177-424


Your amiable motto of “Correctional Excellence Respect and Integrity” is apparently not known in Florence. I write to you as an author and citizen about Mathew Hale who is incarcerated in Florence in what I believe to be horrific conditions. That a man accused by an FBI paid informer, without any corroborating evidence, was found guilty of an uncommitted crime is bad enough, but when a sentence of 40-years is handed down, one can only be confounded by such action.

Hale is an accomplished author, classical musician, and poet, why would such a man accused by an FBI informer be placed in solitary confinement? Why would mail that I sent him be withheld? Why would some guard return a letter with my return address on the envelope undelivered, with some document that the sender was not clearly identified? Why when that letter was sent a second time to the Warden of that facility, requesting a response, was none made and the letter obviously still not delivered. Why has the warden of the facility not responded to my letter and requests?

I know nothing about the prison system but have reasonable understanding of crime and punishment. To sentence a person to 40-years incarceration for an uncorroborated accusal by a paid informant of the prosecutorial staff is bad enough, but solitary confinement would by any standard, be cruel and unusual punishment. I have been unable to locate a single case in American jurisprudence in which anyone was sentenced to 40-years in prison based solely on a single persons uncorroborated testimony based on a crime that never took place.

I petition the Justice Department for lenience and parol for Mathew Hale. He has served over ten years, I am not aware of any nation in the entire world that would continue to hold a citizen after ten years, whose crime was based on testimony of a DOJ government informant which was not supported by any accompanying evidence.

With Respect

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg