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Help get Samuel Girod, an Amish farmer out of prison

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Help get Samuel Girod, an Amish farmer out of prison

Last year an Amish farmer was jailed for 6 years for "improperly labeling" a herbal product. He sold 3 different herbal products for 20 years prior without any problems, and his products never harmed anyone. There was a problem however - his herbal products worked as stated and the medical industry hates competition. So the FBI watched him, and waited, and one day he made a technical mistake with what was printed on the cans on one of the products. They pounced on him immediately and jailed him.

Everyone thought Samuel's imprisonment was bogus. Prisons were intended to be for people who rob murder and rape. The entire system has been abused to put as many decent people behind bars as possible while the real thugs run free to rob murder and rape to justify the existence of the massive prison complex, which uses decent people as slaves because good people are more profitable. Samuel is a classic example.

Samuel is seeking a presidential pardon now that Trump has vowed to get the people out of prison that should not be there. Sign this petition to help get him out and it also would not hurt to have this put on the white house petition site also.