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No Imam ordered a hit on Tommy Robinson, but someone did.

Jim Stone

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Tommy Robinson is a British citizen who fought against the migrant influx into Britain, and was thrown in jail for busting open a court case about Muslim child molesters, and defying government orders to stop exposing it. So he got arrested and is now in a prison with a predominantly Muslim population. That is definitely not a good situation to be in, HOWEVER, there is absolutely no way any genuine Imam actually ordered a hit on him.

There is little doubt the powers that be want Tommy dead. His death would set an example for anyone who wanted to turn back the tide of immigrants, which are obviously being used as a weapon to destroy Europe and finish off Western civilization. But what many people don't realize is that shortly after 911, The CIA sent out a large number of agents to act as imams, and they actually get funding for their mosques directly from the CIA. There's no pre-requisite for being an imam, you do not have to state any qualifications, all you have to do is get a following and the CIA is good at accomplishing that. A large amount of crazy "Islamic" stuff originates from such mosques and the Saudis are of no help in this regard because they could ferret these people out and did not. Probably has something to do with a huge military equipment bonus and oil money. No real angels there . . . . .

So what we have with Tommy and the "hit ordered by an imam" is overwhelmingly probably a CIA faker with a following, issuing an order to kill Tommy so racial and ideological tensions can be stoked even higher than they are, and the CIA will then milk that to escalate the immigrant situation even more.

Question: Is Tommy actually in danger? My guess: Probably. But I seriously doubt any real Islamic leader ordered a hit on him, any threat to his life is the work of the deep state, and whatever idiots they can dupe into going along with them. The deep state wants Tommy dead no ifs or buts. And the crown is part of the deal, there's absolutely no way Tommy should be in prison, NONE WHATSOEVER.

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