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Matt Hale Leaves Supermax

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Press Release - ( For Immediate Release)

June 13th 2016



Matt Hale Leaves Supermax

Now available for Media Interviews!

     Reverend Matt Hale, America's most glaringly innocent political prisoner and former controversial leader of the pro-White and anti-Jewish Church of the Creator, announced today that he has been moved away from America's toughest federal prison, the Supermax in Florence, Colorado, to the medium security facility in Terre Haute, Indiana. He had been at the Supermax for eleven years.

     It will be recalled that Reverend Hale was convicted in 2004 on politically-motivated charges of having solicited the murder of a Chicago federal judge. However, no evidence was ever presented at his trial that any such solicitation took place and he is happy to be at a prison now where in-person media interviews are allowed so that he may finally be able to tell his story.

     From his new cell in general population at FCI Terre haute, here is what Reverend Hale had to say today:

     "My move from Supermax is certainly the end of an era for me and I'm glad to say that the place failed to break me despite its best efforts. I look forward to explaining to the ladies and gentlemen of the news media, in sit-down interviews, the extreme misconduct and corruption committed by the U.S. Justice Dept. which led to my false conviction. In addition, I am also pleased to have very nearly returned to my home state of Illinois where so much of my work for our great White Race was performed when I was a free man. Futhermore, I am happy to announce the publication of my second book, The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, now also available from It is, along with my first book, Ending White Slavery, quite simply among the greatest books ever written for the future of our White people and it is a joy for me that I have been able to continue fighting for the cause of our people's salvation regardless of the grave misfortune that has befallen me all these years. Finally, I continue to urge the news media to read the entire transcript from my trial at and see for yourselves that I am guilty of no crime. It is my hope that my move out of Supermax is just the beginning of my ultimate vindication from this hideous lie."

For further comment, contact Evelyn Hutcheson at the address above (, or call (812) 244-4400, to set up your interview with Reverend Hale.

This is the llocation that Matt has been moved to and is at currently:



Phone: 812-238-1531

Fax:      812-238-3301

You may write to Matt at:

Matt Hale 15177-424

FCI Terre Haute


P.O. BOX 33