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The words Artificial Intelligence, appear to be of the more-on-oxy school or mere-waxing, intended to deceive, confuse and mislead for a more nefarious purpose. 

How does something identified as ARTIFICIAL, become real and alive? 

Simple common sense and logic applied in a Socratic method of questioning, exposes the fundamental confusions surrounding the words of art, Artificial Intelligence

If the mechanical/electronic devices called computers created by mankind have intelligence, where did it come from? 

What happens to this ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, if there is no electricity to power the intelligence; more importantly, exactly who or what creates and supplies the electric current in the first place? 

The current crop of expert's discussing AI want me to believe these machines created their own intelligence. 

Would someone explain to me where the intelligence of the people who created these machines is, where I can find it, see it, or recognize it? 

Under what set of circumstance does the intelligence of the creators of these supposed AI machines not effect the results of AI in operation? 

Perhaps this question exposes why the current exposures of abuse of information gathered through varied and numerous APPS is so insidiously used to manage Us as human capital. 

It appears that I am suppose to accept that the creators of these alleged AI machines did not apply any human intelligence to the construction of these machines. 

One simple question being answered would satisfy me — and I suspect a whole herd of others as well — "if these machines actually have their own intelligence created from their own will, then where did the alleged intelligence of these electronic machines come from"? 

Does this one question expose intent by the purveyors of these invading APPS

As Forrest Gump pointed out, "stupid is as stupid does".