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Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag- Bad Actors Used to Take Away the Second Amendment

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Dec. 28, 2012

The entire event is really very pathetic - from the threats of arrest if you report anything that the official sources are not parroting, to the bad actors used to try and pull on America's heart strings - this event was 100% manufactured for fear.
A "weak, pathetic shooter" just like Aurora - who is at the same time extremely smart - what they are doing here is making it seem like "without a gun, this person would be completely impotent and could not hurt people".
There is ZERO surveillance camera footage of the event (even though the school had cameras, and a state of the art surveillance system) This is EXACTLY like the Aurora shooting (also plenty of video cameras around the theatre, and in police cars, but nothing shown to the public) as well as the Norwegian False Flag - Anders Breivik nonsense, where the supposed super killer drives through the entire city of Oslo and on Norwegian highways without being captured on camera ONE TIME! This in a day and age of ubiquitous surveillance cameras on every single block (at least!)
Sandy Hook was 100% for sure a false-flag, the purpose being the disarmament of the American population, in preparation for more "Patriot Act" "NDAA" "FISA Bill" etc.; illegal nonsense to be forced on the gullible, unsuspecting, and emotional American public.
Only proper education on the subject and anti-mainstream media activism will make the bewildered American public realize we are all being played like a fiddle.