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ARTIFICAL TELEPATHY -- Counter-Personnel Effect on DoD Wish List (with Note by PHB)

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[NOTE:  Artificial telepathy was perfected in the early 1990's for use in the BLUE BEAM PROJECT.  This technology is not something on a US. Government "wish lsit", but is in use today to create voices in one's brain through electronic means to mind-control the person.

The frequencies used are the same as the human brain frequencies and mask the normal brain functioning, so the person under such an "attack" hears voices or has thoughts that he believes are real, but are not, as they are being placed in his brain by electronic means.

People under such mind-control are convinced that what they heard or thought was absolutely the real thing----the Truth.   ---PHB ]


Article written

Monday, February 12, 2007

The PowerPoint slide at left clearly lists the "non-lethal counter-personnel capabilities" that the United States Department of Defense wants to acquire in the next 10 to 20 years.

This slide has been taken from a presentation given in November 2001 by the commander of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, entitled "To The Future: Non-Lethal Capabilities Technologies in the 21st Century." Excerpts of the presentation may be found at the website of the Sunshine Project, on their "Non-Lethal Weapons Online Document Clearinghouse" page:

(SEE ARTICLE BELOW as this link has been taken off the web)

The outline indicates that the DoD foresees development of counter-personnel weapons that "will attack a target's senses or cognitive/motor capabilities," namely the person's ability to smell, taste, feel, hear and see. The check-box clearly includes "emotion" and "motor skills" on the shopping list.

Perhaps most interesting about this list is the prediction of "accurate, long-range payload delivery along with a non-lethal delivery means." The editors at the Sunshine Project assume this must be a reference to "non-lethal" chemical weapons, delivered as mortar rounds. But could this also be a reference to the use of space-based vehicles and directed energy weapons?

The research and development of space-based psychotronic weapons would fit this wish-list admirably.
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