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What Did Happen

Rod Remelin

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istrators could keep track of their property, no matter where it might graze -- also  guaranteeing that the proceeds for their labor, might be justly clipped, and collected under the guise of management expenses -- but more importantly so that the worthlessness of the stock currency would not become too evident. Note* (I personally don't think that was ever a viable concern, when weighed against overall herd-stock-devolvement, as a result of the civil war.)
The controllers rightly concluded that in order to conquer a people outright , it was first necessary to have them make war upon each other -- the weapons for both sides being provided by same.  Knowing that the people already had within them, no matter how latent and under-developed, the capacity to act upon, and from, selfishness, self serving and petty indifference; those qualities still needed to be encouraged and fanned so that all vestige of higher-order thought function capability, might be sufficiently erased from most of the gene pool.
The controllers have also known, that from time to time, would come about the occasional hold out, those who for no apparent reason, still retained a degree of higher thought form capacity; coupled with the ability to effectively communicate conflicting ideas, ideas anathema to the public at large. So there needed to be installed into the mainstream gene pool, a sort of self-policing feature, whereby stray, and undirected thought viruses might be quarantined, or deleted early on , so that host programming integrity could be kept immunized from such antigens. So how was this accomplished? How has the World Management Team been able to effectively repel almost all conflicting thought form viruses, for such a long period of time?
Aside from the arsenal of contemporary devices now widely deployed and accepted, such as Fluoride in municipal water systems, GMO plants, an infinite amount of chemical additives in Corporate food items, drugs, alcohol and mass-media-entertainment, there still needed to be safeguards against those pest which might build up an immunity to such chemical introductions, and hypnotic stasis before their time lapsed at Club Med.
Today, American  professional-patriots advise their audience to obey the oppressors, break no laws, sit-tight, take a cold shower, pray. Jesus will save you, thus the last catch all device for those having gotten a larger look at The Matrix.