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Rinus Verhagen

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Is this a Drill? || Rinus Verhagen

3 Feb, 2021, 11:00


Is this an exercise? An extraordinary number of Helicopters in action.


German Police and Army seem to be working together, if you check the tracks of their flight path it seems to be a large search operation, or support of search operation taking place on the ground.


Is this a coordinated action led by General Flynn, who is directing multiple troops from different countries in a clean up operation against the D-State?


This could be the moment we have been waiting for so long, securing the RV, GCR according to NESARA / GESARA.


Keep in mind that NESARA / GESARA is a global military action to rid the population of the D-State Satanists.


Of the more like 222,000 indictments, more like 3,000,000 may include arrests around the world.


The Timing fit into the timeline to stop the mass Genocide of the Globalists, everyone who participated in the mass murder of the population is now unsure of their own future.


If Germany falls, the EU falls too, and all the countries in Europe become sovereign again, because the fact is that there is a lot of turmoil in the EC / EU administration in Brussels.


Internally it is already heard that Ursula von der leyen must resign for incompetence, just as she performed her previous functions in the Government of.....