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Why is a "Cobra Ball" Aircraft Flying Over Des Moines and Omaha?

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As of 1:11 AM eastern US time on 14 January 2021, a COBRA BALL aircraft took off out of Des Moines, IA, circled the city numerous times, then headed out over Omaha, NE and is presently circling that city.  

The RC-135S Cobra Ball is a rapidly deployable aircraft which flies Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed missions of national priority to collect optical and electronic data on ballistic targets.

Are the Joint Chiefs gathering optical and electronic data on Des Moines or Omaha for "ballistic targets?"


Something seems amiss.   A plane like this is not sent airborne at this hour for no reason. 

False Flag attack in the works, perhaps?

Something to cause the country to go into immediately military lockdown . . . from . . .  I dunno . . . a nuke blast that someone in the Deep State may be planning?

Here's a direct link to the live flight on Ads B Exchange (HERE)