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Martin Walsh

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FW:  Dec. 12, 2016

We are living in a country that treats Syrian refugees better than our veterans. That is the America that Obama has created.

Under Obama, the Veterans Affairs (VA) has been one of the most mismanaged government entities since 2008. In fact, it has gotten so bad that Obama should be charged with treason for how poorly and disgustingly he has treated our men and women in uniform.

Just when you think Obama cannot treat our vets any worse, he proves us all wrong.


American heroes cannot make doctor appointments, the cost of treatment is insanely high, and over 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for care. As bad as the problems have gotten, no one has been held accountable.

The most recent act of treason came when the VA appeared before Congress and argued that they were short $2,600,000,000 in their budget because that money was taken by Obama and placed in his Syrian refugee program.



How Can The President Act This Treasonous? Turning His Back On Our Own Veterans For Terrorists

The Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Robert McDonald, told Congress that if they are not provided an additional $2.6 billion, they will be forced to deny veterans the care they deserve.


Since 2008, the VA has been so underfunded, they are forced to deny vets everything ranging from doctor appointments to suicidal help, and now Obama is cutting their funding by $2.6 billion so that he can resettle Syrian refugees inside the United States.

Congress was forced to vote on and pass an emergency spending bill worth $3.5 billion.

Immediately following that, Obama’s administration sent an additional $4.5 billion to help rebuild Syrian mosques and homes. On top of that, Obama has sent an additional $419 million to Syria for “humanitarian aid.”


This Isn’t An Isolated Incident, This Problem Has Taken Over The Entire Country


Congress found that more than one in 10 adults experiencing homelessness nationally was a veteran, breaking down as 47,725 (11 percent) of the nation’s 436,921 homeless adults. While we currently have 31,505 homeless veterans, at least 17,000 were unsheltered and lived on the street.

Knowing all of that, Obama and Hillary have resettled more than 13,000 refugees since last year in the United States while giving them apartments, food stamps, benefits, and healthcare.

Does this represent a country you are proud of? Can’t we see that Democrats are the problem?

In 2015, Senate Democrats blocked a bill to fund the VA. One month later, Hillary Clinton said the Veterans Affairs scandal is not as “widespread” of a problem as people say it is.

If elected, Donald Trump has proposed that we not only put a freeze on accepting refugees, but he has promised to send all of the funds remaining in Obama’s “Syrian refugee program” and transfer them over to the VA for our veterans.

Trump indicates that he will use the hundreds of millions of dollars to get every veteran off the street and into a job instead of leaving them on the streets like Obama and Hillary have done since 2008.

Trump is a man that may not always say the right things, but he is a man that will fight for Americans and fight to make this country great again.

We need real leadership now more than ever