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Jaon Devaney

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Oct. 5, 2016

The Marine who this week asked Donald Trump about the PTSD from which many veterans suffer said Trump's answer was satisfactory and hardly demeaning, despite claims otherwise.

"I was privileged to get to ask such an important question for our veterans," Marine Staff Sgt. Chad Robichaux told Bill O'Reilly on Fox News on Wednesday. "I was satisfied with the answer. The question was related to alternative programs. A holistic approach.


"I run a program that's a faith-based program . . . I would ask the same question to Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton."

During a town hall-style event Monday in Herndon, Va., Robichaux asked Trump if he would push for faith-based programs to help veterans recover from PTSD, brain injuries, and other problems.


Trump said he would, and added "a lot of people can't handle" the stressors of war. The comment drew ire from all sides, including Hillary Clinton.


Robichaux, the president and founder of Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, told O'Reilly he was fine with Trump's answer — and he would like for the military to do more.


"Yes, I was," Robichaux responded to the host. "The future president needs to be able to address this very serious problem . . . we need to change the 22 suicides a day."

Robichaux said the three pillars of the military are mind, body, and spirit.

"I really believe the military has lost its spirit," he said.

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