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Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Suitcase Murder


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Police arrested the estranged boyfriend of a 24-year-old woman whose mutilated body was found crammed in a suitcase alongside a lonely Connecticut road. 

Per the Daily Mail:


Cops arrested Javier de Silva, of Queens, on Tuesday, a week after the grisly murder of 24-year-old Valerie Reyes. 

On Tuesday Greenwich Police Capt. Robert Berry released a statement saying a suspect 'believed to be involved' in her death has been arrested. 

The suspect was later identified as de Silva, who Berry said also fraudulently used Reyes' ATM card.  

Reyes had reportedly dumped her boyfriend de Silva a week before she went missing.

CBS News reported De Silva is a Venezuela citizen who has overstayed his visa and now in the country illegally.