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The Kennedys Faked Their Deaths.


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Now let us return to Kennedy. Many alternate theorists have proposed that the Bethesda corpse is not Kennedy, and they have explained this switch by saying that the murderers needed to be able to match the wounds to films or theories.

But the wounds of the corpse do not match the Zapruder film. And besides, it would make more sense and be much easier to match the film to the wounds than the wounds to the film. Most alternate theorists think that Zapruder was tampered with, so why not tamper with it to make it match? Why tamper with both the corpse and the film, only to have them contradict each other? Both the film and the corpse were faked, so don’t imagine I am denying it. But they weren’t faked to make the wounds match.

The other reason for switching the corpse is to match the Warren Commission theory of a single gunman and a magic bullet. But the Warren Commission is a fantasy from beginning to end, as the alternate theorists tell us. If the Commission could manufacture and sell such a lie, they could have manufactured and sold a similar lie that incorporated Oswald, magic bullets, and Kennedy’s real corpse. In other words, they were obviously not limited to any facts, since they ignored facts whenever they wanted to. They had no need to switch corpses. All they needed to do was sell a slightly different lie.

The wounds don’t match Zapruder or the theory as it is. In that case, why not have the real corpse instead of a phony? The phony corpse does not solve any problem. In fact, as part of either the standard theory or the alternate theory, the phony corpse has no logical place. A stand-in corpse doesn’t sell any part of the Warren commission’s findings and it doesn’t make sense in a cover-up either. In a cover-up, you switch the perpetrators, not the corpse. In a cover-up, switching the corpse would cause more problems, not fewer, and that is what we see.

No, the only reason you would need a body-double corpse is if you don’t have a real corpse. Those who argue that the corpse is not Kennedy never ask the correct question. The correct question is not, “Where is Kennedy’s corpse?” If the Zapruder film is fake and the corpse is fake, then we have no evidence that Kennedy was killed at all.

All we have is a bunch of eye-witness testimony that a guy who looked like Kennedy was in a car and appeared to be wounded, and a bunch of ear witness testimony of shots fired. That is not proof of anything.

We have already seen that Oswald faked being hit (a second too early), with no blood, but because it was done on camera, with the world watching, we think we have a billion witnesses. Yes, we have a billion witnesses to a guy falling down after a shot is heard. We have witnesses to nothing. Likewise, with Kennedy. We have witnesses to absolutely nothing. It may have been the murder of a President, the murder of a body double, or a complete act. Without the President’s body, the correct question is, where is the President? Where is he hiding? That is the correct question. That has been the correct question for decades. And no one has ever asked it.