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Fake Refugees from Honduras in Tijuana (April 25, 2018)

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The system of asylum in the U.S. has long been abused by politicians in order to secure cheap labor for big business at the expense of American workers and taxpayers.  These are scenes of the fake "refugees"  from the caravan which arrived in Tijuana on  4/25/2018.   There are over a hundred in Tijuana, so far (4/26).  They are staying at "Movimiento Juventud 2000" at Constitucion Ave and Sanchez Ayala St. 

I call these "fake" refugees because they are not fleeing a war or natural disaster.  Most are supposedly from Honduras, but many have been reported to have joined the caravan in Mexico.  They are fleeing crime and poverty, which is not a legitimate reason, according to international law.  Refugees are also required to apply for asylum in the nearest country not the country with the most generous social benefits and highest paying jobs.  They are allowed to cross Mexico and apply for asylum in the US due to  executive action years ago that declared Mexico to not be a safe country for refugees. Another executive order could reverse this decision and stop this flow of economic refugees into the U.S. 

Many of these refugees say outright that they are going to the U.S. to work.  Some will apply for asylum at the ports of entry.  Others will jump the fence, because they a processed quicker that way.  All of them will be delivered to ICE, who will release many of them due to lack of detention space, especially if they have children.

Much has been made about Mexico allowing the caravan to cross their territory, but they would not be coming, if our own government did not accept them at the border and then just release them into the interior to disappear.  Trump has supposedly made some changes to stop this kind of refugee fraud.  We'll see, if it works out.