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Hero Gerd Honsik passes into the realm of our departed warriors

Carolyn Yeager

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Gerd Honsik is led under guard while on trial in an Austrian courtroom in 2009.


by Carolyn Yeager

GERD HONSIK, AUTHOR AND POET, PLUS HOLOCAUST AND HISTORICAL REVISIONIST who was currently being harrassed by Austrian authorities, passed away on Saturday at the age of 76. His death occurred at his home in Sopron, Hungary, right across the Austrian-Hungarian border. Gerd's death is a great loss to the revisionist movement.

Honsik was born in Vienna in Oct. 1941. (As Margaret Huffstickler informs us in the 2nd comment below, his father was killed in the war, fighting in Italy.) He was active over the years in Austria in a number of “People's Movements” and Nationalist groups including Austria's NDP party. He wrote the book Acquittal for Hitler? in 1988. After that, fleeing an Austrian prison sentence, he lived in exile for 15 years in Spain until 2007 when he was extradited back to Austria when legislation was changed in Spain. While in Spain, Honsik contributed to the magazine Halt at irregular intervals and wrote another book, Hitler Innocent?


In 2009, Honsik was sentenced to five years in prison in Austria for propagating 'holocaust denial' and 'glorifying the Nazi era', which violates Austrian law. During his trial, Honsik called himself "a social democrat" and stated that he only "rejected the textbook wisdom that demonizes National Socialism" and he only denied the existence of the gas chambers used in concentration camps "wherever I had not verified the (facts) myself".

He had been free since 2011, but Austria was trying once again to put him in prison.

Gerd Honsik is a hero and a martyr who stood up for the truth as he knew it. Our thanks and our gratitude go out to him and to his family. In our world since 1945, International Jewry has gained so much power that they are able to dictate the criminal code in every single European country. This is the battle that stands before us and which we must not ignore.