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Journalist Who Vowed to Expose George Soros, Found Dead

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"Does George Soros really need any more exposing?" Furthermore, what's the point, U.S. Citizens don't care, law enforcement in this country is all bought and pay for, owned and managed by Soros himself, or one of his hirelings, so who exactly would be in a position to do anything about it, let alone want to? The public still thinks there are good guys working for government, how naive, if you're paid by the government, if you take any benefit from the government whatsoever, the government owns you, you are property of the U.S. Corp Government.



There are no independent groups of any size or influence in this country that haven't already been bribed or infiltrated directly, and even if there were, what exactly would They be saving it from, and for whom? The corruption, immorality, and dishonor became institutionalized long long ago, there is nothing else, and here's the kicker, the majority of the U.S. Population don't see anything wrong with any of it; generally perceived as being not only normal, but as it should be, and preferred!!



So I ask you Sports Fans, exactly who or what, if anyone, would you imagine needs saving from the bad guys? It seems that the only ones in this world that are realist about it all, are the big jews, and Their army of countless shabbos goy.



An investigative journalist, who went undercover to infiltrate violent leftist groups such as Antifa, has been found dead shortly after he vowed to expose billionaire globalist, George Soros.33-year-old Bechir Rabani was a hugely popular Swedish independent reporter, well known for his daring exposés.He was found dead at his home on Friday night in "suspicious circumstances" according to Police.He was working on an investigation into radical leftist mainstream journalist Robert Aschberg and his connection to George Soros funded extremist organizations when he was killed.Shortly before he died, Rabani had revealed he was about to lift the lid on mass corruption that linked Soros and Aschberg.

Culture Wars reports: Bechir Rabani gained popularity when he tried to confront Expressen’s (left wing newspaper) editor in chief Thomas Mattson and journalist Diamant Salihu in their homes in Stockholm.In August 2017 Rabani released a documentary ”I skammens skugga”/”In the shadow of shame”, describing the rape epidemic and perils Swedish girls face from Muslim invaders.He has also been a guest on Red Ice Radio talking about Swedish disintegration and minority rule.In late September 2017, Rabani infiltrated an ANTIFA demonstration in Gothenburg, exposing the Marxist plebs.In the video, the low-level lifeforms are seen using slings to throw rocks towards the police and retreating in panic when the police slowly march towards them.Rabani’s latest project was an investigation into Robert Aschberg, a Jewish journalist living in Sweden, and board member of the Expo Foundation.EXPO is an antiracist foundation with one of its many destructive goals being the registering of all right-wing people.Aschberg is also friends with Jacques Wallner – a man who in 1982 murdered a 21-year-old Swedish man in cold blood, “because he was racist”.Jacques Wallner went on to work for Dagens Nyheter.Aschbergs grandfather “the red banker” Olof Aschberg helped his good friend and mass murderer Joseph Stalin to launder the money that the Bolsheviks had stolen from Russia before the Russian Revolution.It is mostly this inheritance that has allowed Robert Aschberg to rise to his current status.Aschberg is also a fan of Mao Zedong and his ruling methods.One of Mao Zedong's principles was to get rid of people before they could become influential.The same methods are used by Mossad against Palestinian opinion leaders.According to a former Mossad agent Claire Hoy Victor Ostrovsky the enemy must be destroyed before they become too influential


Bechir Rabani infiltrated Antifa and threatened to expose Soros before he died