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Congress Passes Historic Conservative Law Mainstream Media Stays Dead Silen

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While the world was paying attention to other thing, the House was busy doing its job.


Although you may not have heard about it, the House of Representatives passed a bill that limits, and will ultimately end, an evil, barbaric practice in America.

The majority of Americans agree, but the media has been silencing the majority for decades—and they just did it again.

The “real” news networks didn’t bother to mention it once.

Earlier this week, pro-lifers celebrated a victory when the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed the U.S. House and began its journey up to the Senate.

But while millions of Americans cheered the development – a plurality of voters, polls show, support the restriction – major networks completely ignored the news, according to LifeNews.

“During their Oct. 4 morning news shows, ABC, CBS and NBC didn’t mention the vote once,” LifeNews reports. “But they found time for others topics like fall fashion deals (NBC Today), a new drama starring Actress Connie Britton (ABC Good Morning America) and puppy-related infections (CBS This Morning).”

Major online news outlets from CNN to The Washington Post covered the vote, but the major networks remained woefully silent.

Sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), the bill is known in some circles as “Micah’s Law” in honor of Micah Pickering, a miracle baby born prematurely at 20 weeks (22 weeks gestation). Micah is now a healthy 5-year-old.

Passing U.S. House by a vote of 237-189, the bill now goes to the Senate, where if passed, President Trump has promised to sign the bill into law.

This bill would ban abortions on pregnancies 20 weeks or later. This important piece of legislation uses recent medical discoveries that have shown children in the womb at that point can feel pain.

And we have a President who is willing to sign such a compassionate bill to save American lives rather than destroy them.

It’s getting harder and harder for these news shows to pretend to be real news, when they refuse to cover real news. This bill is a huge deal; it can mean that thousands of American lives will be saved. Yet the hack, liberal, fake news industry wants to ignore it, hoping people won’t notice.

Because  if you did know that this bill needs to pass the Senate in order for Trump to sign it into law, you might email, call, or tweet your Senator, encouraging him or her to vote in favor of it (which you totally should do).

The liberal media are hoping the bill dies in the Senate. Their silence is an attempt to make that happen.

You see, liberals are cowards. They don’t like a fair fight. They will use the media to lie and manipulate you, even when they don’t say something.

Why should we let losers like that win?

Be sure to spread the word about this important bill. It could mean the lives of many Americans.

Source: Daily Wire