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SETH RICH Family Investigator ROB WHEELER Told By DC POLICE “Stand Down” – Orders From High Up – PLUS, Actress Robbin Young Shared Information In The Case With Wikileaks Is Threatened.

IWB / Pamela Williams

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This is the biggest story we may ever witness.  Seth Rich was a beautiful young man, who was a DNC employee over Voter Data, and he was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter.  I am sure you know that Seth was murdered – gunned down – shot in the head as he was headed home late at night in his DC neighborhood.

The Rich family hired Investigator Rob Wheeler to privately investigate his death, as the DC Police was not making any progress.  His death was not a robbery, and it had been declared a homicide…the family wanted answers.

Wheeler found out right away that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker, which the firm hired by the DNC to investigate the leaks:  Crowdstrike, immediately blamed on Russia.  In fact, the DNC would not allow the FBI to investigate, hiring Crowdstrike instead.

Crowdstrike is supported by Eric Schmidt of Google, and Schmidt contributed to the Hillary Clinton campaign.  The DNC clearly had a conflict of interest here, and the FBI looked the other way.  This is how the Russian hacking story began.  The biggest setup in history has been pulled on the American people, and it is still being played on President Trump.


Let me make this clear:

  1. The DNC chose between their two candidates:  Clinton was their choice, while Bernie Sanders was set up to lose.
  2. DNC staffer and Sanders supporter Seth Rich was privy to this information.
  3. Rich was an honorable man, and he fought back by leaking this information to Wikileaks.
  4. The DNC Clinton Team discovered this.
  5. He was murdered, and no investigation insued by the authorities.
  6. Julian Assange published the DNC leaks.
  7. He insinuated Seth Rich was the leaker.
  8. Actress Robbin Young tweeted that her romantic online interest was Guccifer 2.0.
  9. Guccifer 2.0 told her that his friend Seth Rich was the whistleblower.
  10. Robbin just tweeted this: