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Hal Turner

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At 2:37 AM EDT today, I was alerted by one of my contacts inside a government that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) , Hatzav Unit, has dispatched a HUNT / KILL team to New York City, under diplomatic cover, to kill me.

They are furious that I exposed IDF plans to attack the West bank and Gaza Strip with "Dirty" artillery shells as reported yesterday HERE.

They also want to find out how I knew they would be using Sholef artillery units so there wouldn't be any IDF "fingerprints" on the radiation contamination after the shelling.

As a result of my exposing them, the IDF was forced to scrap their "dirty" artillery plan. They have decided to kill me for that.

I have already made plans to deal with the H/K unit when they arrive. This morning I asked the FBI and NJ State Police if they will want the dead bodies after I kill them or if I can take the bodies to the Taxidermy man to preserve as trophies? Neither agency responded.

It seems to me they won't try to come at me head-on. They'll probably try to make it look like a mugging, a phony armed robbery of a store I'm in where I'm the only person who gets killed or something along those lines.

If it happens, you guys have the Oy Vey retaliation target lists. If I am killed, take out those targets. ALL of them.