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21 May 20192,104


Islamic terrorists have carried out an estimated 76 attacks in nearly 15 countries since the beginning of Ramadan this month, killing at least 364 people and injuring 404 others in the first two weeks of the holiest month for Muslims, a Breitbart News tally shows.

That means, on average, jihadis killed at least 25 people and injured about another 30 each day since Ramadan began at sunset on May 5. This year, the holy period is expected to last through sundown on June 4.

Breitbart News’ countthis week covers the 14 days of May 6 through May 19.

The tally includes a total of 768 casualties (364 deaths, 404 injuries) in 14 countries: Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Syria.

Afghan Taliban narco-jihadis surpassed their Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) rivals as the world’s chief perpetrators of terrorist attacks during Ramadan this year, with 29 attacks that killed 146 and wounded 156.

ISIS closely trailed the Afghan Taliban with 23 assaults that resulted in 105 fatalities and 132 injuries.

The Taliban is responsible for 40 percent of all fatalities while ISIS was behind an estimated 30 percent.

Overall, the Taliban carried out nearly 40 percent (302) of all casualties, including injuries.

Breitbart News found that, so far, Afghanistan(160 deaths, 189 injuries), Nigeria(50 deaths, 33 injuries) and Iraq(46 deaths, 54 injuries) are the bloodiest countries during the holy month.

Jihadis and other Islamists encouragetheir followers and supporters to escalate attacks during the holy month, arguing that Allah exceptionally rewards martyrdom during Ramadan.

The Afghan Taliban rejecteda Ramadan ceasefire offer by the Afghan government this month. Instead, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the narco-jihadi group, proclaimed, “As jihad is … the best part of worship, doing it on Ramadan is rewarded more than in other months.”

The vast majority of Ramadan attack victims are Muslims in Africa and the Middle East.

Breitbart News primarily gleans its data for its Ramadan death tally from the Religion of Peace website, but it also relies upon other databasesas well as media and government reports.

News outlets and officials may update some of the casualty figures as some of the wounded victims succumb to their injuries, potentially altering the count after Breitbart News publishes this report.

Most Muslims follow the peaceful Ramadan tradition of abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking, having sex, and other physical needs each day, starting from before the break of dawn until sunset. Nevertheless, the number of attacks at the hands of jihadis tends to escalate during the month when compared to other times of the year.

Breitbart News removed the May 11 attack in Pakistan by the ethnic separatistgroup Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) as experts disagree on whether the group is primarily jihadist or secular separatist in nature.

Breitbart News has documented the following attacks during Ramadan:

May 6 — North Waziristan, Pakistan — Suspected Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) jihadis killfour security forces, injure ten others. 

May 6 — Kirkuk, Iraq — Suspected ISIS kill threepolice officers, wound one other.  

May 6 — Takhar, Afghanistan — Taliban kills eight security force members.

May 6 — Farah, Afghanistan — Taliban stormsarmy checkpoint, killing 20, abducting two.  

May 7 — Borno, Nigeria — Boko Haram razes homes and businesses in Molai village, killing 11, including four soldiers, and wounding another12.

May 7 — Pendjari National Park, Benin — Unknown jihadis from neighboring Burkina Faso kidnap two French tourists across the border in Benin and killtheir guide in the Pendjari National Park that straddles both countries. 

May 7 — Yatenga, Burkina Faso — Suspected al-Qaeda jihadis killtoll booth operator and wound two others in the provincial capital of Ouahigouya.  

May 7 — Laghman, Afghanistan — Taliban-linked bomb blast killsfour police officers, including chief, and wounds four others.  

May 7 — Salahuddin, Iraq — Suspected ISIS terrorists attack police officer’s house in the village of Mazarei, killingthree and wounding five others. 

May 8 —Nineveh, Iraq — Suspected ISIS jihadis killfive family members and wound two others inside their home in the Hammam al-Alil area south of Mosul.

May 8 — Diyala, Iraq — Bomb attack linked to suspected ISIS terrorist woundstwo members of the Baghdad-sanctioned Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

May 8 — Manbij, Syria — Suspected ISIS terrorists targetthe U.S.-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Aleppo province, killingtwo and injuring four others, including at least one child

May 8 —Manbij, Syria — Suspected ISIS bomb attackkills three civilians in Aleppo province, reportedly all children.  

May 8 — Kabul, Afghanistan — Taliban attacks U.S. aid group, killingnine, wounding24 others. 

May 8 — Punjab, Pakistan — TTP attacks pilgrims at an 11th-century Sufi shrine in Lahore, killingat least 13, including at least one child, and injuring 21 others. 

May 8 — Ghazni, Afghanistan — Taliban ambushes military convoy in the Qarabagh district, killingthree police officers and wounding two others.  

May 9 —Wajir, Kenya — Al-Qaeda’s East Africa affiliate al-Shabaab claims attack on security forces near the border with Somalia, killing at least one soldier.

May 9 — Saladin, Iraq — Suspected ISIS jihadis target grain silo in the town of Shirqat, killingone guard. 

May 9 — Nineveh, Iraq — ISIS killsa family of eight in Mosul, including the couple and their six children. 

May 9 — Fezzan, Libya — Suspected ISISjihadis killtwo and kidnapped a third person from the town of Ghadduwah.  

May 9 — Baghdad, Iraq — ISIS suicide bomber killseight, wounds 15 others as they broke their Ramadan fast at the Jamila market.

May 10 — Mopti, Mali — Suspected al-Qaeda jihadis kill four civilians, wound two others at the market in the town of Bandiagara. 

May 10 — Badghis, Afghanistan — Taliban targets two outposts, killing25 security personnel and wounding 11 others in Bala Murghab district. 

May 10 — Borno, Nigeria — ISIS West Africa kills11 troops in the town of Gajiganna.  

May 10 — Bari, Somalia —Suspected ISISwounds tenin a failed assassination attempt against a local judge in the port city of Bosaso. 

May 10 — Balkh, Afghanistan — Taliban attacks army outpost in Balkh District, killing one local police officer and wounding four soldiers and a police officer.  

May 11 — Borno, Nigeria — Boko Haram attacksthe Moranti village near Maiduguri, leaving nine dead, at least one wounded, and four missings. 

May 11 — Baghdad, Iraq — Suspected ISIS-linked bomb blast killsone child, wounds two others in the Jisr Diyala neighborhood located in the southern part of the capital. 

May 11 — Nangarhar, Afghanistan — Suspected Taliban terrorists killdeputy intelligence director for the Afghan National Police (ANP) in the Kama district. 

May 11 — Takhar, Afghanistan — Taliban killsfour police officers and wounds five others in a security outpost in Khwaja Ghar District.

May 11 — Sar-i-Pul , Afghanistan — Taliban killsone police officer in Sancharak District,

May 11 —Nangarhar, Afghanistan — Taliban ambushes and killsa police officer as he drove home in the Kama District. 

May 11 — Samangan, Afghanistan — Taliban narco-jihadis killthree pro-Kabul militiamen in Khuram Ao Sarbagh district. 

May 11 — Samangan, Afghanistan — Taliban rocket attack killsfive civilians, including women, and wounds ten others in Dara-i-Suf Payan district. 

May 12 — Mogadishu, Somalia —Al-Shabaab killsTurkish civil engineer. 

May 12 —Baghlan, Afghanistan — Suspected Taliban jihadis killprovince’s deputy intelligence director and injure an intelligence officer in the Dushi district.

May 12 — Hama, Syria — Suspected former al-Qaeda affiliate Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) firesa rocket into Christian-majority town of Suqaylabiyah, killing five, including four children and a woman, and injuring six other children. 

May 12 — Sanmatenga, Burkina Faso — Unknown jihadis attack Catholic church, set it ablaze, and killsix, including the priest. 

May 12 —Paktika, Afghanistan — Hundreds of Taliban jihadis storm outposts in the districts of Mata Khan and Zurmat, killing13 police officers and wounding 19 others.

May 12 — Wardak, Afghanistan — Taliban targets members of the Shiite Hazara community in the Hesa-e-Dowom-e-Behsod district, leaving5 civilians dead, 12 others wounded, and five missings. 

May 13 — Baghlan, Afghanistan — Suspected Taliban shootsteacher in Nahren district. 

May 13 — Borno, Nigeria — Improvised explosive device (IED) planted by Boko Haram on a road in Damboa district killed three Nigerian troops, including a commander, and wounded four others.  

May 13 — Nangarhar, Afghanistan — ISIS carries out three explosions in its main South Asia stronghold that rocked the provincial capital of Jalalabad, killing9 and wounding more than 30 others.  

May 13 — Diyala, Iraq — ISIS killsfather and son. 

May 13 — Balochistan, Pakistan — Pakistani Taliban, or TTP, targeted a police vehicle near a mosque with an improvised bomb rigged to a motorcycle, killingfour and wounding 11 in the provincial capital of Quetta. 

May 13 —Hama, Syria — Al-Qaeda affiliate HTS, under siege by Syrian regime forces, suspected of firing more rockets into Christian-majority town of Suqaylabiyah, killingone child. 

May 13 — Yatenga, Burkina Faso — Unknown jihadis killedfour Catholics, burned Virgin Mary during a procession in the town of Ouahigouyain the Muslim-majority nation. 

May 13 — Sar-i-Pul, Afghanistan — Taliban killsseven pro-Kabul militiamen, wounds six, and kidnaps three others in the provincial capital of Sar-i-Pul city. 

May 13 — Badakhshan, Afghanistan — Taliban killsfour ANDSF troops, including commander, and wounds one other in  Shahri Buzurg district. 

May 14 — Nayrab Camp, Syria — Suspected members of al-Qaeda affiliate HTS lobbed missiles into a Syrian-regime held camp for displaced people in Aleppo province, killing at least 6 and woundingat least 11 others, including children, as they broke their Ramadan fast. 

May 14 — Kandahar, Afghanistan — Improvised explosive device (IED) attached to a vehicle killed a police officer in the Taliban birthplace and wounded another.

May 14 — Baghlan, Afghanistan — Unknown terrorists attached IED to a vehicle, killing one civilian and wounding three others.

May 14 — Jowzjan, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one pro-government militiaman and wounds six others in Qarqin district. 

May 14 —  Tillaberi, Niger – ISIS kills28 soldiers and woundsat least two near the Mali border. 

May 14 — Ghor, Afghanistan — Taliban killsshopkeeper in Dolina district

May 14 — Mogadishu, Somalia — Al-Shabaab suicide bomber killsfour office workers and injures at least nine other civilians in the Warta Nabadda district. 

May 15 — Paktia, Afghanistan — Taliban killsANDSF soldier and wounds two others. 

May 15 — Kandahar, Afghanistan — Unknown terrorists in the Taliban birthplace of Kandahar province killa police officer in charge of the provincial capital. 

May 15 — Kirkuk, Iraq — ISIS kills two policemen and wounds another in the town of al-Rashad.  

May 15 — Kirkuk, Iraq — ISIS kills four federal policemen near the town of Hawijah. 

May 16 —Zabul, Afghanistan — Taliban kills six Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and wounds six others in attacks on two military checkpoints in Shamulzayi district. 

May 16 — Zabul, Afghanistan — Taliban kills three police officers, wounds two others in the provincial capital.  

May 16 — Kabul, Afghanistan — Unknown jihadis killfour members of the Public Protection Forces in the outskirts of the Afghan capital.  

May 16 — Adamawa, Nigeria — Boko Haram jihadis massacrefive people, including farmers and fishermen, in the Madagali district. 

May 16 — Borno, Nigeria — Boko Haram terrorists massacrenine people, including farmers and fishermen, in the Maichulmuri village.  

May 16 — Lake Chad, Chad — Boko Haram kills13 villagers in the village of Ceilia.

May 16 — Manbij, Syria — Suspected ISIS jihadis carry out suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) attack, killsone U.S.-backed Kurdish fighter and injuring ten civilians. 

May 17 — Diyala, Iraq — Suspected ISIS jihadis killedtwo civilians, including a teacher and an elderly man in the district of Khanaqin.

May 18 — Fezzan, Libya — Suspected ISIS jihadis killtwo guards and a soldier and kidnap four other people at the Zella oilfield. 

May 18 —Herat, Afghanistan — Suspected Taliban killsfive children, wounds 20 other civilians in the main the market of Obe district.

May 18 — Takhar, Afghanistan — Taliban killsnine militiamen and wounds seven in Rustaq district. 

May 18 — Helmand, Afghanistan — Taliban roadside bomb killstwo police officers and injures two others in Washer district.

May 18 — Borno, Nigeria — Boko Haram attacks refugee camp, killingtwo people and injuring 12 others. 

May 19 —Giza, Egypt — Suspected ISIS jihadis target a tourist bus with a bomb, injuring 17. 

May 19 —Diyala, Iraq — Suspected ISIS terrorists, killseven Baghdad-sanctioned PMF troops and injures 26 others. 

May 19 — Timbuktu, Mali — Suspected jihadis killone United Nations peacekeeper soldier and wound six others.