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SOTN: Former CIA Officer Robert David Steele Is Dead—Who did it & Why?


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“He Worked His Ass Off For The


Country Like Nobody Else!”

*Here’s how SOTN often saw RDS during our Skype sessions with him as his many viewers also did during his lively and inspiring videos.

State of the Nation

If you knew Robert David Steele as we did, you would know he would absolutely love the subtitle of this tribute.

Since Trump first ran for POTUS in 2015, SOTN had the pleasure of speaking with the former CIA officer on many occasions.  You never really knew how the conversation was going to end.  But you did know that RDS was always “working his ass off” doing one of many civic duties, and other important things, on behalf of his fellow citizens.

During several of those conversations, RDS encouraged us to support the Florida leg of his then upcoming national tour.  He even wanted us to help launch the whole campaign right here in Tallahassee  We gently demurred … time and time again.

We knew that such a tour was not a good idea FOR QUITE OBVIOUS REASONS.

During the Covid era, we were quite sure that such a public procession of high-profile events could easily end in disaster.

SOTN has always held firm to the obvious certainty that COVID-19 is, first and foremost, a highly sophisticated bioweapon.  Not only that, but that COVID-19 represents an advanced form of weapons-grade bioengineering that is now creating the dreaded variants such as Delta and Lambda.

The bottom line here is that, from the very beginning of this wholly manufactured pandemic, the Covid perpetrators have been methodically taking out anyone they so choose to and then they easily blame it on COVID-19.

This stealthy tactic is used particularly against all high-profile Anti-Vaxxers.  The NWO cabal has no tolerance for either the Anti-Vaccine Movement or Health Freedom Advocacy Groups.

Of course, RDS found himself at the crossroads of all of these organizations because of his refusal to get the Covid injection.  Hence, his “raising awareness tour” posed a very real threat to both OPERATION COVID-19 and the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

CAVEAT: Because of what’s truly at stake for The Powers That Be, righteous and aware folks need to know that it’s exceedingly dangerous to ascend too high of a public platform.  Therefore, concerned citizens are highly encouraged to hang in large groups; protest en masse and resist by the millions.  The more any Covid Truth Movement leaders stand out, the bigger the target they will become.

Surely RDS knew this.  But his mission was way too important to him.

RDS also know that America’s hospitals have been transformed into death factories.  Nevertheless, he became an inpatient at one right here in Florida and was predictably killed by the notorious vent.

Not only did his doctors not provide any alternative treatments which he requested, they ensured his untimely death by using harmful protocols that have even been proven to cause geriatric genocide wherever they’re used throughout the American Healthcare System.

Let’s be very clear: to date, since the Plandemic began in January of 2020, millions have been killed by the COVID-19 bioweapon.  Likewise, millions will be killed by the weaponized Covid vaccines.  Similarly, many unaware souls will die in various types of healthcare facilities at the hands of healthcare professionals via iatrogenic homicide.

People, this is exactly how upwards of 100 million people died during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918.  It was all planned out that way.  In point of fact, that genocidal criminal conspiracy of 1918 was the model for the 2020/2021 Covid Pandemic. See: OPERATION COVID-19: Pandemic Blueprint Exposed, Stealth Weapon System Launched in Stages

Robert David Steele knew all of this.  Perhaps he unconsciously sacrificed himself for the greater good in order to expose this highly organized and ongoing plot to depopulate humanity via a global biowar and never-ending acts of bioterrorism via COVID-19.

Bottom Line

As for who really did it and why? The SYSTEM did it.  The now notorious BEAST SYSTEM, that is!  Of which the American Healthcare System is a major organ as it has morphed into a full-blown Covid death factory.  Just like Nazi Germany where the doctors and scientists were given free rein to experiment and murder at will in the name of ‘scientific progress’, the American people have permitted a similar type of medical tyranny to take over.  Otherwise why would RDS ever have been administered such a toxic pharmaceutical drug such as Remedivir?! See: Why in the world was Robert David Steele given a dangerous drug like Remdesivir?!

May Robert David Steele rest in peace!

Our deepest condolences to his wife and children.

Semper Fi, RDS!      Semper Fi!

State of the Nation

August 30, 2021