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Lynn Schmaltz: About Paul

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From: Lynn <>

Date: Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 7:20 PM

Subject: about Paul



Hi, I'm just letting you know Paul had a brief illness and passed on the 20th at 12.54 am.

As always Paul was very direct, no muss, no fuss.....he was done.

I want to share something that a friend of ours wrote and read to Paul over the phone several

hours before his passing.



Paul Schmaltz: Phone Message of Dec. 19, 2019

From His Friend Connie Shaw, in Colorado

Hello Paul!

This is Connie Shaw in Colorado, calling to tell you how much Jim and I love you and to thank youfor blessing our lives in so very many ways. You’ve been especially kind and generous to us so very oftenand you’ll always be an inspiration for your integrity and creativity. The legacy thatyou and Lynn have created for decades, since the 1970’s, and especially in recent years and these pastmonths, will help countless people to find healing, balance and abundance in every life area.

You two are pioneers! I’ll say it again, “You two are pioneers!” And we feel deeply honored to have enjoyed your friendship so far, in such direct ways. Paul, if you’re deciding to leave your body now to go on to your Next Adventure, which you could very well be contemplating, just follow the Light until you’re back in the arms of Jesus again, welcoming you home. I feel sure, Paul, that He’ll say, “In you, My son, I am well pleased. You made outstanding use of your life and time and brought love, healing and help to countless suffering people and animals, who received relief because of you.”

Jim and I will always love you, Paul, and we thank you and Lynn for your many sacrifices for humanity. You have both spent long hours, working until you’ve been exhausted, late into the night, too many times to count, so that others could find ease and relief. No one knows how much you both have given, and so selflessly and continually. You both have always had big hearts for selfless service and your

golden legacy is secure. It’s secure!

In fact, I predict that it will only grow and that Lynn will take it to new heights and

to new countries.

Finally, Paul, if you leave the Earth-plane before I do, and either of us could leave in the next five minutes, will you make a pact with me? Will you come find me within three days and let me know that you arrived smoothly on the Other Side and that you are fine and that you love it “over there?” (I know that you will be in a higher octave of Light, unseen by most, but still here.) I’ll find you and do the same, Paul, if I go first.

Paul, many people have made this pact with me (my parents, ex-husband, friends) and they all came and stood beside my bed at 3:00 a.m. and said, “Hi, Connie! I made it and am very, very happy here! It is gorgeous and I love it!” (Lynn - They also said that

they were very busy and were studying and learning many new things! They told me that they had seen mutual friends who had recently arrived and that they looked great, only younger, and that they had settled in well.) Paul, we’ll always love you until we see you again (on the Other Side, or when you pop in to say “hello” in your Spirit Body,” within three days after you lift off and follow the Light to the Other Side). Happy trails and safe journey….

Goodbye, Paul.